Hi people!
I have been posting my worklog in other webasites, but I think is tyme more peolple know my Tachi.
My project is called “Tachikoma” For those who are not familiar with the Anime “Ghost in the Shell” you could read:
I have never made a theme mod. I was looking for something original, using fibreglass. First I thought of a Battlemech, but a walking mecha is very difficult and expensive to build. So I decided for the Tachi. I have been always a mecha fan since Robotech times.
My plan is to use fiberglass for the case, and aluminum tube for the chassis.
It would be radio controlled, with two electrical motors and car batteries to power them.
First of all, I would need a 3D model of a Tachi. I thought of drawing it using some photos, but I realized that it would take too much. After a little Internet searching, I found a 4D Cinema model for 20 $
I imported into my CAD software and spited into several parts

I had to rebuild the geometry with my CAD to have some functional and moldable parts. Draft angles are needed to assure that the part would pop out of the mold.

My plan is to install the batteries in the head, and the hardware in the back cockpit

To build the fiberglass parts, I have to build some plugs, which would be an exact copy of the final part.
I made some 2D drawings with crossed sections for every part.
I finished with about 200 sections.

I plotted the sections and glued to cardboard.

I build a skeleton for every part, with glue and nails.

To fill the volume, I used 2 part polyurethane foam. It expands 30 times its volume. Little mess I made.
After a lot of sanding and sanding, and filler and bondo (I think I am in the 7th layer)

Connector between the head and the cockpit

The two parts for the cockpit

To realize the dimension of the model -50 cm ruler




Front Cannion

Upper head

Lower head
One or two layers more are need to finish.

Although the date in the photos, they are from 2006.
More to come.