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Thread: Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    In anticipation of TheModBrothers.Com official launch, I'm giving this case away for FREE! All you have to do is post 1 comment when the giveaway is announced on the CaseModBlog.Com I'll keep you updated as to when it's posted.

    If theres one case getting a lot of attention today, it's the new Antec Three Hundred. For under $60, it packs a lot of features with decent cooling and the superior build quality we've come to expect from Antec. In only 1 month, my YouTube review of the Antec 300 received over 12,000 views

    Antec 300 Three Hundred awaits it's first incision

    To draw out your design, I'll first apply either #2060 Green or #2090 Blue "low tack" painter's tape by Scotch/3M.
    You can buy these Home Depot or Ace Hardware stores. You also apply tape so you don't scratch up the panel with the jigsaw's steel guard. I always use a measuring square for windows

    Window corner, but how do you make a curved corner instead?, for inserting U-channel molding

    For making corners, use a roll of tape! The smaller the roll, the smaller your arc

    Whenever I make a side panel window, I always use a jigsaw with a 18 TPI (teeth per inch) bi-metal cutting blade. I'll make the intial incision for the jigsaw blade with a rotary tool and 1.5" reinforced dremel cutting wheel

    I use a Black & Decker jigsaw with a 18 TPI (teeth per inch) bi-metal cutting blade.

    Window is cut and ready for refinements, ie: clean up the edges and corners

    I'll use a rounded side file for detailing it's straight edges and corners

    Before I install the window, I debate about using something other than clear plexi, Maybe translucent Blue or Yellow to fit the Mod Brothers logo?

    Towards the end of the video review I noted the front bezel is a good canidate for injecting your own design.. Heres whats involved with the Antec's front bezel.. The removable filter and perforated mesh grill are easily removed.

    undred_casemod9c2.jpg" alt="" />

    For the "new" front intake, a piece of 3/16" thick blue translucent acrylic will be provide a back plate support for a mod brothers 240 (2x 120mm fan) intake grill.

    E.E.L. Ambiense (Jeremy Birch) is devising it's design as we speak

    To support the new intake plate, I'm using the lower 5.25 bay cover, below I'm using DP-190 2 part epoxy to keep it in place permanently, you need to use gloves and smear the 2 part into the crevices (not shown)

    The Antec 300's perforated rear fan grill providea decent airflow, but I prefer using my own grills. You can use a Tin-snips to remove the outter portion of the perforated grill. I prefer a cleaner look, so I marked off an octagon border around the rear exhuast grill.

    1.5" cutting wheel kicking up sparks!

    Hand filing the edges

    I'm gonna blow this case's cover..hehe

    Armed with power drill and 1/8" drill bit, I remove all of the pesky pop-rivets

    we don't really need this or do we? Ideas are brewing :scratch:

    Top panel ready to lose it's inner core

    Where did it go?!

    Another look w/o the tape

    Heres the intake grill design by Jeremy, If you're not familar with Jeremy's work, check out the E.E.L. Ambiense worklogs on bit-tech, he kicks out some cool designs. I was happy to hear he was interested in contributing his talents to this project. The theme is fun!

    Jeremy drew up this front intake grill design with the appropriate "MB" for "Mod Brothers" of course.. I'm going to have cnc milled from 3/16" THICK 6061 aluminum

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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    awesome work as allways bill


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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    Great start as usual. What is the mod bros?

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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    I love my Antec 900 case, I can't imagine the 300 being any less in quality and after seeing a few videos it's no disappointment.

    Installation of the hard drives in the 900 series is super easy.

    Had an idea for you as well that I'll pass along in a PM if you think it's worthwhile for a later build.

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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case


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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    Thanks dudes! The Mod brothers was hatched by friends Ric Mirto and Funkystickman, the original Mod Brothers. These guys look like Jake and Elwood.. It's focused solely on modding, no hardware support, overclocking, or other hobbies. Keep the format simple and focus on the fun. Besides most of us computer veterans can figure out technical issues on our own.

    Today we were focusing our attention on the back of the case too, Jeremy has drawn up a couple of designs for a rear exhaust grill. One of these will be cnc milled from 3/16' thick billet aluminum. Don't commit your tastes to just one of these designs, we have to run a sample thru the mill first to discover any weak points in the design

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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    The Antec 300's access panel lip is pretty darn close to the screw holes for the rear grill, I'm using Mnpctech's 120mm Turbo fan grill to measure where to cut notch in left access panel, so the panel's lip clears our fan frame

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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    this notch cut-out is pretty standard procedure modding for me. I know that some of customers have had to do this as well when using my 120mm fan grills over rear exhausts, the frame is large and overlaps the folded lip on cases. This was another reason why I'm revising my fan grill designs this year. None the less, the original grills are still moving

    The case will be painted later, so no worries about the filed edge

    snug as a bed bug now...

    Maybe you've needed to add a Thumbscrew hole for securing something on your project? The industry's standard thread size for computer case thumbscrews is 6/32 thread... Lian Li uses M3

    Here I'm using a 6/32 drill bit to make a new hole in the case panerl and chassis, I used tape to secure the panel onto the chassis, Or C-clamp work great for this

    6/32 Tap

    We're back to having a secure side panel

    Brad's von dutch style pinstriping done during Ric Mirto's party on Mnpctech's 14" Grizzly Vertical saw 8)

    I love old school toggle on/off switches, thats why Mnpctech offers these Machined Billet 5.25 Toggle switch plate bay covers
    Use the plate to trace out your holes

    Every Modder should own a drill press, 1/2" chuck

    I use my drill press frequently for case modding,

    Just pre-fitting this standard $1.99 toggle switch
    , I may use something else, maybe with led

    #10, x 5/8 stainless steel button head machine screws of mounting the switch plate

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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    Excellent job, I too love the toggle switches but haven't added any yet. I like the flip up bombadier type . Just wish they'd light them with different colors.

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    Antec 300: TheModBrothers.Com Giveaway Case

    right on, I'm gonna see if I can find another set of these blue led tip billet toggle switches locally, they would rock!

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