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Thread: new rig need input guys!

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    new rig need input guys!

    Ok well this friday i am ordering new parts for a mid level gaming machine

    specs are

    512 mb ddr 400
    30 gb hd
    amd sempron 2600 1.6 ghz
    JetWay J754GT3-P Socket 754 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
    Nvidia geforce 7600gs 256 mb 128 bit
    windows 2000 sp4

    im not a heavy gamer but i do game quit alot (halo,fear,gt legends,prince of persia series.......)

    ill be getting 2 gigs of ram soon. any comments are welcome

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    new rig need input guys!

    looks pretty nice to me, just curious how much are you paying for that configuration?
    the extra ram will be a sweet upgrade

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    new rig need input guys!

    260 usd shipped overnight my man

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    new rig need input guys!

    looks good

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    new rig need input guys!

    Urgh.... that is an 80 Dollar CPU, Itll bottleneck your whole system. AND its Micro ATX. And youll definately want another 512 stick or GB stick of ram if your playing games at all.

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