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Thread: Fan controllers that actually work, such a thing?

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    Fan controllers that actually work, such a thing?

    After reading many reviews on fan controllers I was wondering what everyone elses experiences here have been? The two most popular brands (Zalman & Thermaltake) seem to not be putting out anything that lasts from what I've been reading.
    I trust the opinions here more so than random retail input.

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    Fan controllers that actually work, such a thing?

    I have an old old old one in an old case I don't even use anymore. It worked pretty decently. But I don't use em anymore at all. I prefer to just get good fans that aren't too loud. Plus I game with headphones on and a small AC running so I wouldn't hear em anyways.

    If I were to get one though I like the plain old Zalmans

    However there are some fancy ones I'd like to look at. Perhaps we need to do a few controller revews. Tazz?

    Examples of fanciness: _Monitor_-_Black.html?tl=g34c17s286

    meh, too much really. I use a Matrix orbital and it's only a bit more in cost. Can control fans and do all kinds of different readouts. Much better in my opinion.

    What I have. _Black_Background.html

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    Fan controllers that actually work, such a thing?

    Almost all the ones you posted I've been looking out except the NZXT, that's one I hadn't seen yet. The first one is the one I was actually considering (Zalman) because it has 6 fan controllers versus the standard four, featured on most controllers.
    The Orbital though looks as if it may be worth the extra money.

    I would like to see a fan controller review with so many bad opinions on what appears to be the most popular or readily available ones.
    My first was the Thermaltake from Radio Shack which featured 4 controllers and changes color as the speed allegedly goes up. What actually controls the color change though is the position of the dial, not the fan speed, since it didn't change any of my fan speeds in reality. It looked nice but that's about all it did.

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    Fan controllers that actually work, such a thing?

    ya, thinking about it the Orbitals are so much better. Plus they can do tons of other things as well with free plugins. I'd definatly go that route.

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    Fan controllers that actually work, such a thing?

    Thanks again Sheldog, that'll be the route I go then . Hmm plug ins? Even better!

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