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Thread: My planned mods

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    My planned mods

    Hey guys,

    I thought i would make a thread for my upcoming mods(with designs of course!) The pics will come very soon as im not on the right pc atm!

    Midnight sparkle

    First we have my girlfriend sarahs case that will be a scratch built matx case this is going to be started asap! it will be finished at the same time as modularis as they are getting painted at the same time by dean0 my airbrush artist

    Black Barracuda

    The second is a customer build based around a TJ07 this will be as slick as possible black and blue with a razer theme and it will also be powdercoated black and of course the mandatory watercooling that must be done with a tj07. the razer logo on the window will be made out of blue acrylic sandwiched between the clear window and a black powdercoated alu logo. There will also be the name of the mod over the mesh at the bottom i dont have it in the design as there wasnt the right font

    Car pc

    This will either be used as a car pc now or just a mini itx setup. it is going to be made up of a small alu box with the dvd,hdd in and then the mobo will be on top surrounded by layers of black and clear acrylic

    fibreglass mod

    This will be my next major major scratch build i havent got any designs yet but it will probably be big and quite organic looking it is based on ICE installations (In Car Entertainment) mainly the fibreglass bass boxes (ill get an example later )

    This only a maybe though...

    This will be entirely acrylic using black white and blue acrylic

    And those are the mods i have planned so far


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    My planned mods

    done more work to evo pics in first post


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    My planned mods

    Cool! Those are some sick designs, and with your rate of work I'm sure that you'll complete them all within a reasonable timeline.

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    My planned mods

    Im hoping to get them all finished in good time yer thanks


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    My planned mods

    well i took onboard modgod tanvirs suggestion about evo and this is the new design i have come up with






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    My planned mods

    Nice ideas!

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    My planned mods

    thanks man

    Midnight sparkle will hopefully be started next week and then black barracuda will hopefully be started at the end of the month then the others after i am finished with midnight sparkle and my current mod modularis evolution


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    My planned mods

    Whoa nice designs. I'm torn between the Barracuda an the Evo but leaning towards the 'cuda. Hmm the solid black with some clear blue lexan and lights inside would look wicked!

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    My planned mods

    evo looks nice, ye i wana see evo evolve!

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    My planned mods

    Whoa nice designs. I'm torn between the Barracuda an the Evo but leaning towards the 'cuda. Hmm the solid black with some clear blue lexan and lights inside would look wicked!
    Thanks mate well they are really in two completely different leagues one is a pre built case modded and the other is a scratch build oh and that is exactly what is going to happen allthough it will be 5mm black acrylic and then 3mm clear blue flourescent acrylic not lexan

    And thanks razer


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