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Thread: Razer mod off ...2

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    Razer mod off ...2

    Really like that snake skin effect. Really cool. Great work on the whole thing.

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    Razer mod off ...2

    Oh my god CBB I couldn't stop laughing at the pic of "the wife's office (no modding here)"! Great idea for the mod and nice results too, I saw the finished product already .
    A perfect case for UV lighting .

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    Razer mod off ...2

    I'm glad you all like the case, and that you got a laugh out of the work log ! (it was meant to be fun!).


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    Razer mod off ...2

    expanded PVC board (sintra)
    Where might I find that? I have a project that has been sitting for a few years now and this might help in some areas.

    Great work CBB!

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    Razer mod off ...2

    I was able to sweet talk a 4'x8' out of the local sign shop (it ran me $50, but they sold it to me), I had to do this because their company police is not to sell raw goods to people. A smaller mom n pop shop may even give you what's in their "scrap" bin.
    If you have to go to the web, United States Plastic Corp. has a wide variety of plastics (this includes Acrylic) in Rod, Sheets, Tubes, I-beams and more. Prices aren't bad.
    I know allot of guys that have used USP with great reviews!

    Another option is but you have to Spend $150 (or more it's been awhile since I ordered from them) and pick up your order from one of there locations. But if you think about that's only maybe 3-4 sheets of product (depends on thickness).

    I really like working with the pvc, I've seen guys make load bearing parts for robotics out of this stuff (think droid 3-4' tall about 2' diameter... say 40to 50 lbs fully loaded!) that using pvc that's 1/8" thick!

    Now back to the contest, I love your and Ton's mods .... I love how we all went a different direction with the mods giving the same parts!


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