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Thread: TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    Really great work TiTON!

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    Post 5:

    In the previous few posts I took care of painting the panels and the mouse. Now its time to get to the good stuff, the Acrylic!!!

    For the project, I went with a nice thick piece of 3/8” UV Green Acrylic, which is either covered or sandwich between 1/8” black acrylic. This green and black matches the Razer’s colors very nicely.

    Lets start with the top of the case.

    There are 3 major features on top of the case (1) Lachesis Snake Head, (2) Tribal Ribs, and (3) “For Gamers. By Gamers’ Motto.

    Here are some pictures of the Tribal Lachesis snake head. I took the snake head from Lachesis logo and merged it with a tribal blade. This gave a very organic feeling to the snake and tied it very well with theme.

    I only gave the fork tongue to the green acrylic and left it off the black acrylic. With snake head on the edge of the case, when the user goes to flip up the USB port, looks like his hand may get bit

    The second part I did for the top were the tribal ribs. This was done to simulate the skeletal ribs of the snake. A bit of a stretch, but when I designed it, it looked damn cool!!

    With the same concept as the lachesis snake head, green acrylic was sandwich between black acrylic.

    I also cut Razer’s Motto, “For Gamers. By Gamers” into a sheet of black acrylic. Here is the acrylic missing the “holes”.

    This piece was then laid on top of the ribs to complete the package.

    Ok.. That is it for the top acrylic.. More acrylic on the next update!!

    - Ton

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    The last post we covered the top Acrylic. Now its time to talk about the Front panel work. I wanted the “Razer” brand to be evident the moment someone saw the case. So figure the best way is to put it on front and make it light up!!!

    Here is a picture of the green and black acrylic.

    I used crazy glue to attach the two pieces so they don’t shift. Here you can see it laying on top of the front Panel. For the edges of the panel, I covered them with Carbon Fiber Vinyl. To give a nice subtle detail to the front of the case.

    Once the acrylic pieces were glued together. I clamped them onto the front panel, and drilled 4 holes. Socket head screws were then used to attach the plexi to the front panel.

    Now its time to light up the panel. I taped a drill bit to show the drill depth, and covered the drill press with a t-shirt to prevent scratches.

    Here is the outcome. Nice holes for the LED to shine through.

    Here is a bit of the LED wiring. I went with 4 LED in each piece.

    Here is a test pic of the front panel lit up.

    Ok.. Still more to come. Next post coming soon

    - Ton

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    Hey Folks. Another update Now its time to add more acrylic and start to reassemble the case!!

    The (5) 120mm fans on the cases are all clear fans with Green LED. Instead of covering it with the traditional fan grill, I decided to use custom Razer fan grills, which were made from the same material as the top and front panels.

    Here is a pic of the fan grilled installed.

    For the right side of the panel with the “Nexus Of Dominion” mask, I added the same Lycosa spider in Razer’s logo. Here is a pic of the spider with the protective paper still covering the acrylic

    Modding the mouse pad was a bit of a challenge. I did not want to modify the actual pad itself. This is a precision gaming surface. I didn’t want any modification to affect the way it performed. Instead, I decided to make a small backing to the mouse pad that would extend the border by approximately ½”. Here you can see the mouse pad on top of the plexi:

    Here is a pic of the plexi primed, and not the mouse pad

    To keep the top “For Gamers. By Gamers.” Acrylic in place, I laid it on top of the 3 tribal ribs, then taped a few screw holes. Here is a picture of the test fitting.

    I also covered the entire top panel with Carbon Fiber vinyl to match the front panel.

    Now with all the details done, it is time for reassembly.

    Here is a picture of the bottom of the case. The stock black mesh looks great with the new Lime Green Candy paint.

    Here is picture of most of the internal hardware put back in place.

    That is pretty much it for the build.

    The next post will have all the final pictures. So Stay tuned!!!

    - TOn

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    The more I see of the details the more I keep hoping . This is one spectacular job! The acrylic green and black alone is enough to sell me .

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    Wow! How did you cut these? Scroll saw or laser, or something else? The designs are sick either way, and I'm loving your vision.

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    Pretty sweet. The little details are amazing. The front doors are just sweet too. The lighting effect is very nice.

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    Very nice work!!!

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    Great work! Nice vision.

    But I will have to admit, for my taste, I am not digging the "ribs". Other than that "Outstanding"!

    Second or third place is fine for my mod ;-)

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    TiTON's 2008 Razer Case Mod Contest Entry

    Hey Guys,

    Thank you so much for your kind words and feed back. With the limited time to mod, I had to call in alot of favors to pull this case mod project off. I have a few buddies that have laser cutters. Luckily I know how to design files for laser cutters, so made minimal effort on their side

    The spider you see on teh case was done by my buddy Brian over at Moddersmart. Very nice guy.

    Hey AF - you know the contest can go to anyone of us. This is a public voting, so its anyone game. Best of luck to you and CBB!!

    Now.. check out the next post.. final pics!!

    - Ton

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