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    this is mad! im impressed nice work man wana see this progress

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    So, Many of you all have wanted to know what's going here:

    This will be the monitor’s new home!

    So What I started with was a HP 15" LCD... I know it's not the largest monitor but it had to fit into the space I had. Plus I got a great deal on this monitor! (thanks Z)



    The Base of the Monitor is held on by 4 screws, which should give me a nice way to mount the monitor into the case

    Before I can mount the monitor I want to layout the cover for the monitor (this odd order will make more sense here in a minute... I promise).

    So I start with a raw Sheet of PVC, and cut it down to correct size for the top of the case.

    With those nice square corners finding the center is easy. Then I got to use my High School Geometry for the first time (ever out side of school ) To layout the
    monitor mounting holes.

    After rounding the Corner and drilling the mounting holes, the monitor was test fitted to the cover, and one of my supervisors stopped by to inspect my work. Luckily she approved of it.

    Ok, I forgot to take a few pics here, builders focus. What I did was use the cover as a template to mark the holes onto the inside of the case, So that the monitor was perfectly centered. Then the center of the cover was cut out; as you'll notice in the next pic.

    Once the holes were drilled in the case and the cover center was cut out. A way to still use the adjustment buttons on the monitor was needed... So The buttons Locations were transferred to the cover and holes were drilled to receive some custom buttons.

    For the custom monitor buttons I used some of the Diamond cutouts from the HDD fan guard on the bottom cover as well as some rectangular shafts, these were glued together so tat the button on the monitor is depressed when the Diamonds are pushed in.

    Once the Buttons were mounted it was time for a test fit.

    Well that just about wraps up this installment.

    Next time we’ll look at the Copper mesh vent covers and start the painting process.

    Thanks for watching, and as always leave comments.

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    Wow! That looks like one Phat Laptop!!

    Remember the first "mobile" phones? You could get a UPS and run it for 10mins just like them!!

    It does look good mate, I'm keeping an eye on this one!!

    Have fun all,

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    Here we are, The monitor is test fitted, the bottom cover is test fitted.

    The $100,000,000 question at this point is will that massive CPU heat sink let the case close with the monitor in there......

    The Answer is coming. But first

    I want to dress up some of the vents in the cover with a custom grill. So I started with some copper mesh.

    Two methods were used. For the PSU vent the copper mesh was pressed into the vent opening with the piece of PVC that was removed from the opening.
    This created an embossed cover (top one in photo). The second is a box form (imagine folding a 5 sided cube out of mesh) it will fit into the top of the blower fan in the back of the case. (Bottom in Photo)

    Next you guessed Test fitting!

    So everything fits.... Not quite That mondo CPU cooler is in the way so a quick trip to newegg brings this.

    It's a Dynatron 1U server CPU cooler. It's review said it was a little loud (50dB) so I ordered an extra 70mm quite fan just in case. But it really wasn't needed.

    This diminutive little cooler, lets the case close and keep the CPU nice and cool.... Perfect for this project :banana:

    Now that the Case closes, the covers are removed and prepped for paint.

    Everything was giving 5-6 nice smooth coats of white primer.

    The final base color choice was left up to my wife (the choice was between matte black and silver metallic) the end choice was silver metallic. Everything got several coats of the silver metallic paint (lost count).

    Now fast forward 48 hours the paint is dry, the covers are reinstalled and here we are.

    That's where I'm at right now... I've got a few issues mainly the GPU that's hanging out in the middle of everything, and I'm planning on using the copper mesh to cover the square hole above CPU and over the ram.

    This is the CPU and Ram area I'm talking about.
    c="" alt="" />

    What do you guys think?

    I'm not really sure what to do with the GPU.... I could make a copper mesh cage around it, the big thing is that it needs allot of air to keep cool while gaming (or folding)
    So a solid plastic a cover is pretty much out.... Ideas?

    Here's a close up of the exposed Gpu.

    I'm really looking for thoughts, Ideas, and comments on the covers, I really like the clean look and would like to make it carry trough in those last few areas.

    Till next time!


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    My original plan was to have the bottom on solid piece. This proved to be impractical due to the height of the Video card Vs the CPU.

    I have made a change in the setup. I'm planning on upgrading the Video card soon to a larger model (11" long) To increase the cooling and make things fit better I'm planning on installing on of these

    Flexible PCI-e extenders. This will let me lay the Video card on it's side, that way I can make a PVC shield with Vents around it. Should solve the cooling and Stealthing issues I've got.

    Bod, I'm going the direction you talked about.
    With the new card the cost of the extender is justified (to my wife )

    I've also got to check into where all the pic links went.... Might be time for a new Web Host!


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    Happy New Year,

    You all thought I was gone

    Nope just busy. See my Wife bought me this nice gift for Christmas, and I had to work it into this build.

    That's right Kiddos 4Gb more Ram and an ATI 4870X2....

    The only way to mount this bad boy is on it's side. For that to happen I need to create a frame to support this 2 1/4 pound monster. So a quick trip to the big box lumber store for some Aluminum L bar.

    Fast forward through the measuring, cutting, drilling and filing to the first test fit.

    The mounting point from the Frame to the Back corner of the case gave me the most trouble....but with a bit of thinking I came up with this:

    Here's the finished Frame without the card.

    So what do you think? nice, OK, not bad?

    Oh your wanting to see the finished product?

    Here's the card mounted in the case....

    To be honest this card has been a distraction... I've been playing a bit too much COD W@W on it and not finished the cover... That's next on the list if I can put the mouse down long enough

    (oh and that makes 8GB of Ram... all of it usable under XP x64 )

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    haha, looks good. Man that card is huge! Is there a significant increase in temps with that big burner in there?

    I know what you mean about distracted. I got a 4850 for Xmas myself and I've been doing the same thing. W@W whenever I get the chance.

    The mod looks tight though. I'm always envious of these portables.

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    I've had to add an other fan to increase the amount of cool air getting to the CPU and RAM. The Temps wouldn't be an issue except that I have the CPU and both GPU cores Folding anytime that I'm not using the system...This makes everything run like I'm gaming 24/7 so the fan was more of a precaution. I did have to increase the fan speed on 4870X2 to get the temps down to where the air coming out the back of the card didn't feel like the output of a hairdryer!


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    Hi all I'm still at it, had a few things come up over the last few months, I got most of them cleared up... So the Mod moves on!

    So with the new Video card installed it was on to the new cover...

    Instead of the two part cover that I had before, this time I'm going with a one piece. Still using the expanded PVC board that I used before.

    Here's the new cover with all the needed fan holes, ports, etc cut.

    Now everything is test fit to the cover (fans, ports, etc) and the cover is test fitted to the case.

    With the optical drive outside the case, the power and data cables make things look messy. So I combined them into a nice looking wire bundle.

    Last Fall at Showdown L.A.N. I saw a neat little device in the Antec booth. It is a device that fits into a 3 1/2" bay that allows remote control of some multimedia programs, as well as powering up the system. It's called Multimedia Station Basic it's designed for use in home theater pc's.
    The list price of this model is $39.99 I've seen them at Best Buy for less, but was able to pick one up at Micro Center for $19.99 just before Christmas 2008. The unit contains the bay mounted receiver, a remote, a power harness interface, and a cd with the drivers / software.

    The bay mount is all well and good for HTPC, or your "normal" rigs around here, but for this one.... It's going in the parts bin.

    A few screws later and the board is free. The actual IR Receiver is the black square with 3 legs and a bump on the left side of the board. All the way to the left is an ultra bright blue power LED. The power switch ties into this board, then goes to the motherboard, the software interface is through a usb connection.

    To get the receiver to a high place to get the best signal I mounted it along side the monitor. To do this I made a custom mount for the unit. (note the black circle on the right side in it is a tiny drill hole, this is for the blue power LED... so it's not so bright that it blinds you when using the monitor).

    The stock bay mount had a mirror over the receiver hole, I pop it off and reused it on my mount to give it a nice clean look.


    Here's a look at the board mounted in place (from the back).

    Here it is again from the front, the paint needs touched up yet.
    With that done, now it's back to the cover.

    The cover got a couple coats of primer, paint, and clear.

    Now the fan mesh is in place.

    What do you think?
    I'm thinking about painting some graphics on the cover to go along with the "Pack-n-Play" theme.... but I'm not sure what I should put on it... Ideas are requested

    Next time we'll look at the cover installed and the remote repainted.

    As always let me know what you think!!


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    I've gotten some questions about the Lights that I designed for the PacknPlay on another board that has my worklog. So I thought that I'd post this here in case others are thinking the same things..

    The "Secret" Pack-n-Play Light board Schematics. It has both the Quad LED fader and the Hdd Slow fade circuit on it.

    You'll note that all the "LEDS" are two post connectors, That's because I made this modular so that it was easy to disconnect everything. The Posts have the negative side marked with "-".

    The Slow fade is a simple circuit, when the optical-relay turns on it starts to charge C1 and turns the Base of Q1 on which Makes the UV LED light. Now when the Relay shuts off C1 tries to keep the Base On Q1 on, but the voltage slowly drops this causes the UV LED slowly get dimmer (takes about 1/4-1/2 sec to fade completely).

    Now the LED Fader I found only needs 2 op-amps.. The LM324 has 4 op-amps in one package. So I just double the circuit to give me 4 outputs. 4 outputs doesn't mean that you can only have 4 LEDS. The Transistors can handle 200mA each most Super.Ultra Bright LEDs use up to 30mA each. So 200/30= 6.667 So you should be able to run up to 6 LEDs on each output... That means you can run allot of LEDs on this When you first power up the circuit both sets of outputs are in sync, after a coupe of minutes, the two set start to get out of sync. This is do to slight differences in the values of resistors and capacitors (there marked the same but have up to 5% differences) and those values change with temperature... Whats this mean well it means that there is almost always a set of LEDs on.. and I think the slight rotation in timing gives it a cool "random" feel.

    If anyone wants the schematics and/or the board layout for Eagle cad let me know I'll send it to you. Just remember that this board as never been tested (I went back and looked, seems I totally redid the board drawing after the last one failed and didn't remember doing it.. so I need to etch one and test it yet.. This time it's a single sided board way easier to make). As always If there's any questions let me know I'll do my best to answer them


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