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    Xbox 360 Mod

    Might as well ask all my questions at once.

    I'm looking for detailed pics of a 360 with the case removed so i can plan ahead for my first ever casemod. I'm going to mod an extra case I'm in the process of getting so i dont ruin the original. but until then, i cant plan anything without know what the inside looks like.

    I'm planning LEDs, Windows, button replacements, painting, and some body work. can I find everything i'll need at a hardware store? in not, what kinds of stores can i find things at?

    on a 360, would it be better to wire LED's into the system? if so where? would i need resistors? or would it be better to give them their own power, like a few batteries?

    Like i said, this is my first ever and i know nothing, so any important things i should know would be help.


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    Xbox 360 Mod

    Here you go bud. Welcome to the site.[web][/web]

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    Xbox 360 Mod

    Oh wow, thank you, now I can figure out what I'll need and how much room there is.

    Looks like the disk drive has a cover on it. All the mods I've seen have the cover off. Do some drives come that way or can I remove the cover.....perhaps easily?

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    Xbox 360 Mod

    You mean the Hard drive or the CD drive?

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    Xbox 360 Mod

    You mean the Hard drive or the CD drive?
    The CD drive. I thought it was more clear, sorry. I got the cover off of the Hard drive, that was just 4 torque screws.

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