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Thread: Antec 900 case Google Sketch Up

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    Antec 900 case Google Sketch Up

    For preliminary work I've created a 3d rendering of the Antec 900 case in Google Sketch Up. Some of the finer details such as the top fan holes and the side window holes are absent but can be added in if anyone should need them.

    Knowing how much modding goes on here I wanted to offer the .sdk file to those here at M-I if you want it.

    Some of the flaws I encountered were:
    1) Actual size of the case in correlation with the top fan mount size (top).
    2) The inward "V" shape for the USB ports and the power button mount.

    If I get time over the weekend or next week I'll add the rear IO details as well.

    In the meantime if anyone wants the file to do a mockup or anything please let me know and I'll be happy to share it with anyone here.

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    Antec 900 case Google Sketch Up


    If anyone else has some they like to share we could start it off right here.

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    Antec 900 case Google Sketch Up

    I've not really done many/any mods except my attempt with the keyboard and a mouse so I figure I'd try to offer something up to the community since everyone here is very helpful to me.

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    Saw the article about these babys' at bit. They look really smooth and I'd love to have one to mod out and play with. OF course voiding the warranty on you xbox sucks but oh well. You know how that goes. LOL.

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