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Thread: Worklog: Half Life 360

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    It says pc, but I can put my 360 mod here too right?

    well, here is my initial sketchup:

    It's going to be Half Life 2 themed if you didn't guess from the thread title.

    I'm not sure if i want to combine wall on the side or a full window. Right now I'm thinking the wall could be cool, otherwise I'll do a full window and engrave a scene into it. The only thing I'm afraid of with doing the wall is copying others. I've seen pc mods with the wall on them.

    On the other side i want to have an image of Gordon painted on.

    I want to paint the whole case grey, with the blueish tints, basically to look like all the Combine tech in the game. I'm also going to use orange LED's just about everywhere.

    I dont want to mess up the case on my 360 since this is my first time modding, so I'm trying to get a hold of a spare case. This way I can also keep using my 360 as i do this. But i can mod the HDD case and the faceplate.

    I have these already:

    The large piece is the window for the HDD, with images of just about if not every weapon in HL2. The smaller piece is going to be the new power button on the faceplate, it's made to resemble DOG's eye with a lambda in the center.

    And I've already started cutting the window hole out of the HDD, but I cant do too much until I find that extra case. Just thought I'd throw my idea out there and show what I've started.

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    Cool! This looks to be an interesting mod, and I'm excited to see how it turns out.

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    a 360 mod awesome! Yea it says PC but all mods are welcome I think.

    That power button looks great! I'm really looking forward to seeing this mod.

    Question though, what about the warranty?

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    "Sheldog23" wrote:

    Question though, what about the warranty?
    Long Dead, I bought this 360 in November of 06. and Haven't had any problems with it so far.

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    It says pc, but I can put my 360 mod here too right?
    MORE than welcomed! It is called Modders-Inc and actually if you know of any others that are modding please direct them here as we have been hoping to get some console modders to show off their work here.
    this should be a fun one to watch get built

    Oh sorry....Welcome to Modders-Inc

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    Very cool. I'm not familiar with HL2 (sorry) but none the less, I'm liking what you did already. Can't wait to see the results. Best of luck.

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    Cool! probably my most favorite game

    Welcome to Modders-Inc, Gamicon

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    a 360 mod awesome! Yea it says PC but all mods are welcome I think.
    Yeah, I once posted a pair of pants that I painted. If you make it, it goes here.

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    Yeah, I once posted a pair of pants that I painted. If you make it, it goes here.
    Good to know.

    Whelp, I got my hole cut in the HDD, and the metal casing removed. As you can see by the leftover burn marks, i learned a few lessons about soft plastic and lasers. even tho the machine says plastic, not all plastics work. I can still etch my windows and cut the acrylic with them, but that seems to be it. Also learned a few lessons about trying to speed things up by sanding with a variable speed dremel, as evident by the one not symmetrical part. It'll still look awesome after painting though, so i'm not worried.

    Lesse, I know I need the black and the yellow wires off of the hard drive to attach the LED's to, but I'm not sure if it matters how i attach them positive and negative...

    as for the paint scheme. I've said before I'm going to do a combine tech look, that means, dark grey with blueish tints. I found a spray paint I'm going to use on the chrome pieces that'll make them look slightly rusted/aged.

    In all factuality it shouldn't be long before I have the HDD together. but I'll wait and paint it when i paint everything else. Tomorrow I'll go check and see if my extra case is in yet, my precuation against screwing up on my first case mod.

    __________________________________________________ ________

    Edit, I guess:

    Got ths HDD painted:

    excuse the photos, crappy camera, poor lighting, and a coat of paint short. but you get the idea.

    Just need to wire in the led's and I cant put it back together.

    Now, I'm not exactly planning Black and copper, I said HL2 themed so it will be a black and orange paint job. just the silver chrome parts will be remade copper. (actually, it was supposed to look rusted, but this looked good so i left it.) only the chrome parts will become this copper. everything else I feel like that isn't black will become orange.

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    Worklog: Half Life 360

    Too cheap to buy new ones, I decided to just repaint one of my controllers and a faceplate black.

    On the faceplate, I decided to paint the buttons orange.

    and due to some original carelessness and later design choice, they are speckled black. XD

    and this would be my messy wiring, I haven't wired anything since mid high school ;_;

    I had to buy orange LED's with the wires and resistors already attached because that was all I could find, but seeing the final result, I may have to fix this by the time i finish it. Also, you can see I only have 4 Led's, I didn't realize orange weren't very bright, so i may need to use six, or forget it and pick a brighter color.

    Finally got a hold of my extra shell, because i wanted one in case of total disaster, and seeing what I've done so far, I believe that a high possibility. Although most of my errors are in the lighting department.

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