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Thread: Tool's new album

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    Tool's new album

    Z0MG H4X that cd is the shiznit, and i was just wondering if anyone here else listened to some Tool

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    Tool's new album

    I have it and so far I like it a lot. Good stuff. Maynard is the man.

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    Tool's new album

    ive never listend to tool although i was aware of them

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    Tool's new album

    good stuff.... hard and still very clear lyrics and insterments.
    I don't have the new disc, but radio plays some of it.

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    Tool's new album

    i've listened to Tool but to me all the songs they have kinda sound alike. just not real impressed i guess and it's hard for me to discern what the lead singer is actually saying

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    Tool's new album

    i wonder if any of you realize this cd doesnt come out for about 2 days, and ive had it for about 2 weeks

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