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Thread: Two new workstations

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    Two new workstations

    I built these for my clinic as I did not want to shell out the scratch for more iMacs . . .
    -Danger Den Tower 16 cases in Bruiser color scheme and custom etching
    -Q6600 G0 revision
    -2 gigs Crucial Ballistix Tracer
    -Intel Intel DG45 mobos
    -500 GD WD Green HDD
    -Using Integrated GPU
    -Two Yate Loon H fans

    I need to reapply the side window film that looks like stained glass . . .have to trim it so bubbles do not form . . .may or may not leave the film in.

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    Two new workstations

    Nice...quick and easy and looks good. Uh, clinic?

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    Two new workstations

    That's pretty cool. Although the vinyl and the stained glass wrap don't really go together.

    I like the stained glass look but it's kinda...I dunno..."Lampy?". Be cool if they had better designs for it. Did you just get that at home depot? I saw similar stuff there for house windows.

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    Two new workstations

    Have to agree with shel on the clashing styles, however it does make me think actually making a case with stained glass panels where the whole frame and joints go along with that old fasioned thing would look really amazing I think.

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