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Thread: Project Ideas and Inspirations

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    Project Ideas and Inspirations

    I'll be starting up a new project worklog in the next few weeks so I'm busy gathering tools, supplies & materials. I'm writing my "begging" letters to my sponsors and setting up my new photography light tent. But mostly I'm trolling all my usual places looking for ideas and inspiration. I thought I would share some of the amazing stuff (IMHO) I've come across. These radios were designed and built over 70 years ago during the Great Depression.

    Comments, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.


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    Project Ideas and Inspirations

    Very nice pieces there!

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    Project Ideas and Inspirations

    1935 Zenith model of the most valuable radios in the world. If you had one of these in your attic you could trade it in for a small Latin American country,

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    Project Ideas and Inspirations

    I cant help loving older things for having some very cool designs.

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