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Thread: Obelisk

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    This is my 2nd mod the 1st was ok but was just textured with a window and some lighting may include pictures...

    This one i decided to start from scratch the materials i will be using int his case are:

    custom wood
    Copper sheet metal
    LED lighting
    and good old trial and error.....

    the theme of this pc is the obelisk. no particular reason why the shape just seemed interesting.

    these next few photos are of the basic framework coming together.... taken with a 1.9 mega pixel cam so the pics may be a little hazey.

    below are 3 pictures of the frame coming together...

    i then mounted a motherboard plate to the back with screws and silicon...

    After i proceeded to dremel the back out of the wood to expose the plate...

    i then started to make the motherboard tray from perspex. using an old trashed atx motherboard as a stencil i drilled the holes for the riser nuts and screwed them in......

    as you can see in the above picture there are wires running up to a single highbrite red LED which i drinlled in and sealed with acryic glue. the folowing pictures are of this board mounted inside the case and lit up.
    1st image is in a rather brite area but you can still see the red illuminating out the edges the second was after shutting the garage door.

    i should hopefully be putting up some more posts of my work during the week.. let me know you thoughts so far..

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    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    A good mix of materials for your project. Can't wait for more pic to see what direction it is heading.

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    Looking really good so far. The lit MB tray is pretty awesome.

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    today i done some more work here it is

    i drilled mounted and dremeld the hole for the psu using the same method as the mobo plate

    then moved on to making the ball switch (may have seen this somewhere or drempt it up im not sure but if it has been done credit to the inspirer of this switch)

    i cut the hole 1st then made some supports for the backing a put the swith in to finish (alot of adult words were used today at this point as had had a few bourbons and measurements wernt quite right....)

    this is it from the outside

    and this is it lit up as it will be....

    and i decides just to put some of the top together to give people a general idea of the basic shape of this case

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    looks very interesting so far, can't wait to see how it progresses.

    Also, the fan hole at the top is for exaust... yes? or do you have another plan for it?

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    hi yes the hole at the top is for exhaust there will be 4 one on each side to match the 4 at the bottom following the concept of heat rises so why not make as much of the airflow do the same thing carrying the heat out as i am hoping to put 2 gtx260's in the machine

    will be posting progress soon

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    ok heres the next update

    i have cut the holes for the windows and fit them also added some texture around the windows .....

    and cut out the cd drive hole with the dremel cutter and jigsaw also in some of the pictures you mite be able to see the perspex drive mount i made but forgot to take clear picture of it....

    and i just recently started gluing the perspex pyramid bout half an hour ago so its still curing its will also be lit like the rest of the perspex and am also think of etching it with a design anyone think this be a good idea?....

    in this next picture you may be able to see the perspex is overlapping this is because i will be sanding the corners off so they are rounded

    if anyone has any more suggestion im open to them...

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    heres a silly question.... is this site just pc and console mods or is it open to others as i have a few more appliances id like to mess with?

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    ok small update today......

    got a new addition to my collection off tools

    and used it to make the decal on the front of the case out of thin aluminum sheet...

    this is how it will be lay'd out ....

    will be back with more soon

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    Nope, anything that you can lay your hands on to mod is fair game.

    Nice job on the scroll/jigsaw.

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