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Thread: Source for clear window molding? Krystal?

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    Source for clear window molding? Krystal?

    I'm kinda hoping that Krystal is still around and reads this (or somebody passes it along). I'm looking for the H-lock window molding used in the tutorial:

    ( )

    I've been all over the place and checked all the usual suspects, but I cannot find anything other than black. I'm doing a case that's white in and out and I think that black molding will look like dookie.

    Yes, I'm really sure I want to use the molding instead of just going with the double-sided tape (IF I can find any). I know that the tape is easier and I'm sure I'll kick myself before I finish the project, but nobody said modding was supposed to be simple, right?

    Thanks in advance for any help!!!

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    Source for clear window molding? Krystal?

    Haven't heard from Krystal in a good while. I tried tracking down some of that for another reader a while back and didnt have any luck either.

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    Source for clear window molding? Krystal?

    mnpctech sells the U-Channel for 2.99 per 6ft. Just in case you decide to go with the tape.

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    Source for clear window molding? Krystal?

    @Tazz - That's kinda what I was afraid of. Thanks for the info anyway!

    @AcidBurn - Yeah, there are lots of sources for the U-channel. But if I have to use the tape method, I think I'll leave the edge bare (as in painted but without any kind of trim/molding). Thanks for the reply though.

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    Source for clear window molding? Krystal?

    np glad I could give you a tip you could say. I been thinking of leaving my window edge bare also. I plan on using the double side tape.

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