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Thread: broken 22 moniter!!! HELP PLEASE !!!

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    broken 22 moniter!!! HELP PLEASE !!!

    hi there every one me again, right i bought a 22" yurku moniter off ebay from a shop brand new andits broke, this is how it happened i got it delivered and i took it out the box nice and carefull as i was using a 14"nd set it all up all nice turned it on with my rig and it worked brill had a little play with it played a game watched a fill then i sut it down with my rig then 30 mins later whent back to go on the net and it would not turn on!!!

    now i will exsplane how! when i first turned it on the power boton turned blue and the screen said no signal then my rig powered up and it worked fine!!

    now turn moniter on and the blue light comes on and there is no wrighting saying no signal, then after a few mins after that the blue light goes orange and the hole time my rig has been running but no picture i want to find out why this happened and how to fix it as the shop i got it from are not willing to help me out

    i know im a pain on here allways asking questions but its the best place for answers

    thanks a lot guys


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    broken 22 moniter!!! HELP PLEASE !!!

    Is this your monitor? 22" Yukaru?

    Your best bet is to try to contact the E Bay seller first. If it was new, there should be a warranty with it?
    If it's used, you'll have to contact the manufacturer and explain the situation to them. I would guess most likely the LCD tube (bulb) is broken or may have come loose during shipping. Unless your technically experienced with these I would rely on the manufacturer as they can be a bugger from what I've heard. You may also void the warranty by opening the case.

    Here's some info that might be useful to you:

    Contact Information
    Telephone Numbers:

    Sales 0844 999 2499 Mon-Fri: (9.00am-5.30pm)
    Sales Fax 0161 225 7445
    Customer Services 0844 999 8 999 Mon-Fri: (9.00am-5.00pm)
    Technical 0906 47 00 309 (60p/min) Mon-Fri (9.00am-5.00pm), Sat (10.00am-3.00pm)

    Email Addresses:

    Important: Please note that if you are using a free web-based email service such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Bigfoot etc, any emails sent automatically from us may arrive in your "Junk" folder, based on how you have configured your service. Please check your Junk folder regularly for any correspondence we might send.

    Use this address for all sales based queries.

    Customer Services
    Use this address for all after sales enquiries.

    Our Address:

    Aria Technology Ltd.
    Aria House
    Belle Vue Avenue
    Pottery Lane
    M12 4AS Retail Outlet Opening Times:
    Mon - Fri : 9.00am - 5.30pm
    Sat : 9.30am - 4.00pm
    Sun : 10.00am - 4.00pm

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    broken 22 moniter!!! HELP PLEASE !!!

    yes it that one if the bulb is gone will they charge me to fix it??

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    broken 22 moniter!!! HELP PLEASE !!!

    It could only be the CCFL inverter..

    You can check that if the backlight is dead by simply using a flashlight or some other light source and direct it into the LCD while it's supposed to show picture, you might see picture and if you do.. It's the backlight, if not, it's the whole LCD or the LCD's power supply

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    broken 22 moniter!!! HELP PLEASE !!!

    yeno...if its anythign like mine this could be your problem....ok first thigns first, does it have dvi and vga?? if so then try to switch between the two signals, i can do this on mine via a button on the front maybe you have one on the back?? if could be a problem as simple as least you could always hope but yea if its of ebay contact the seller...your covered for like 60 days by paypal...hope this helps

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