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Thread: Modding my G15 Keyboard.

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    First off I would like to thank Lancer for getting this for me for my B-day. Thats probably the best, most unexpected present I have ever recieved. Very Cool. 8)

    Ok, Heres the plan. I want this thing to light up red. All of it. To go with Project13 and replace the Saitek.

    let's take it apart.

    First you have to take off the top edge/border area. This will get you to that silver keyed area in the middle. yeah I thought it was just a plate too. nope

    This thing is connected with a whole bunch of screws. You have to be careful when pulling it up. The LCD is connected with this thin ribbon. Definately don't want to break that off.

    once that is done you have to take out a bunch more screws in the silver part.

    You have to take the screws out of these plastic things here with the rubber nubs on em. These nubs are for the buttons to bounce on. The plastic carries the light from the bottom inside the plex to these nubs.

    There are four thing ribbons here too. It won't let you take up the plex and key section unless remove them too.

    Crickies!! that thing is hard as heck to get into.....

    How many screws does it take to get to the center of a G15 keyboard...

    This many. Sheesh.

    The whole thing is lit with 11 leds at the bottom of a 1/8" plex plate.

    here's my problem. they aren't those surface mount LED's. They are these flat ones. LSdiodes only sells these in blue. I tested it out and 3mm LED's will fit in that gap just fine. So they will be replaced with 5000mcd red 3mm LED's from LSDiodes.

    they also have these 3mm and 5mm LED's, also to be replaced with red.

    those I think I can replace easy enough.

    I took out all they keys last night and brought the keybaord into work today. Painted the silver red with several light coats after throughily cleaning it with alcohol. I plan on leaving the buttons and under the keys silver for contrast. Sorta like my case has the silver accents.

    I also realized I am going to "have" to do this to my mouse now.....doh!

    got a few coats of clear on there. A few more and the keys will go back on.

    Will have an update soon...plan on installing the LED's this weekend if they arrive tommorow like they are supposed too.

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    They didn't want anybody inside or it's just good quality equipment. Is it as good as they say it is?

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    a friend of mine won a G15 at a lan party and he absolutly loves it.

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    Looking nice so far. Shel, did you sand the surface before spraying it?

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    Great work Sheldog23 looking forward to the finish.

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    I only played with it for a few days and it seemed really cool. but to me a keyboard is a keyboard is a keyboard. As long as AWSD work I am good. Once I get it back together I will mess around with the Macro's. Thats probably what most people are raving about.

    I just hate blue overdone.

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    I got it all finished painted today so I can put the LED's in tommorow at the Austin Modders meet. Hopefully I will have time. I have to finish the Sapphire case this weekend.

    here are some pics.

    Here she is without keys.

    and with the keys back in.

    Hopefully by sunday I will be using her again.

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    Sheldog23 just from the images above that looks so much better than the original stock KB. Great work now to see the finished item...

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    Shel, It is looking SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!
    Once again, very nice work.

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    Modding my G15 Keyboard.

    This weekend we had another bi-monthly Austin Modders Meet. I took the oportunity to let Poman who is a soldering master do the lighitng on my keyboard. He is just so dang good and fast. In fact it really cought on and he ended up doing 4 keyboards that day.. LOL.

    I spent most of the time working on my case:

    Though a lot of the other Austin Modders Chipped in as well. Mickey21 sleeved my cables on the PSU for me and did a pro job. He is the man!

    Here are all theG15 Keyboards that ended up being light modded by Poman. The top orange is Mickey21's, midde Green is Lancer's, and the bottom Red one is of course mine. Not shown is Tech-Daddy's whitle saitek eclipse keyboard. He had left allready when these pics were taken. Maybe he will post his up:

    This is Fanatik, a very scruffy me, Poman and Zapwizard eyeing the insides of the G15

    Many thanks to Spyd3r for taking all the pics. If you would like to see more of the meet and his pics he has a lot more pics over at Flickr:

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