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Thread: Plastic and Spray Paint

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    Plastic and Spray Paint

    Aside from Duplicolor Vinyl which is awesome but very limited in colors, and Krylon Fusion which doesn't come in metallics, what spray paint brands are good for plastic pieces? or is most anything good except for a few things to avoid?

    What I'm looking for right now are Orange and Metallic Blue for a few different projects. And finding the colors in what I know works has been unfruitful.

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    Plastic and Spray Paint

    It's not at all cheap, but Metro makes dyes for automotive plastic/vinyl that comes in several shades of metallic blue. You can check them out here:

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    Plastic and Spray Paint

    You may not want to hear this... But I've found that in order to get the best colors it is usually better to do the whole Shibang:

    Sanding, then Primer, then paint

    I used to use "plastic" paints but the lack of color really perturbed me...

    Dying is expensive and I got Dupli-cote Primer, Candy -Apple Green Metal-flake Black, and clear coat for around $20 at a local pepboys

    Just a thought...

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    Plastic and Spray Paint

    I have to agree with killswitch. Just prepping the surface and priming it will save you so much hassle. But it will also make it look much nicer.

    Most plastics don't really need primed though. Just roughed up and cleaned so they will be receptive to the paint. It really depends on the type of plastic though.

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    Plastic and Spray Paint

    Is Montana Hardcore good for plactic and aluminium?

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