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Thread: mobo help

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    mobo help

    hi there i would like some kind of reviews on this borad plz as im about to buy one asrock aliven570sli-esata2

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    mobo help

    have you looked around?? google my friend it will be your best friend

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    mobo help

    Hi there, well I managed to rig it all up last night out side the case and it worked well I transfered it into my case and went to bed as it was 4 in the morning by then. Got up this morning went to power on my rig and nothing, by that I mean on my moniter it said no signal. I've tryed turning it on and off again a few times but still nothing. Can some one please help as I dont understand why its doing it, there is power runnin through the bored as cpu fan and gpu fans are running, I dont hear anything from the case speaker though. Help me please help

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    mobo help

    Is it actually powering up? Pull it and test it out of the case again, if it works then your shorting something on the installation (make sure all the standoffs are in - and not to many).

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    mobo help

    There is power the fans work but nothing on screen not even bios. How can they make it not work?

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