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Thread: [Project] Midnight Sparkle

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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    Hey there guys,

    Im back again with another mod, This is Midnight sparkle that i am doing for my girlfriends new computer.

    as usual its a scratch build.

    Here is the initial design which changes a bit as you will see very soon(im not doing another version you can see in the pics)

    I started off this long day of modding by clearing stuff a bit so that i have room to mod again

    And on with the modding
    (sorry for the blurry pic...)
    I started by cutting apart my old case to give me a mobo tray and a template for the psu.

    mobo tray cut down

    and even more

    psu template

    I then cut the 2 bits of alu that i need for the main body of the mod

    and bent the longer bit to shape

    here it is with the side panel sitting on it

    and mounted

    front and back marked out

    and cut

    back marked for cutting


    mobo tray mounted

    Window cut

    and filed

    and mounted back on the case

    Acrylic for the window marked ready for cutting

    and placed on the outside of the case

    i then marked the alu angle ready for cutting into the joints

    and cut

    I then started work on the case feet

    and glued

    i didnt get to file, sand and polish them today but i will get that done tomorrow and then i need to order more bolts and get some more rivets tomorrow so that i can get this done. this will be one very quick mod butttt i did work on this from about 10:00-18:30 with a 1 hour break in the middle hence why i got a lot done

    and just to give you guys some perspective of size this is smaller than the mobo section on modularis

    Check in tomorrow


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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    man,.. you make it look so easy.

    Looking good so far.

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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    Thanks mate


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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    Anyways today i didnt get much time as i was with my girlfriend but i did get the feet polished


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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    you do yes...gotta say you do make it look easy lol will be keeping an eye out

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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    Thanks mate its not too dificult when you have the right tools (like i do )


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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    Clear and black, that's an interesting combo, I can't wait to see how they turn out. Are you going to light them Josh or just leave as is?

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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle


    and i might be lighting them im not sure yet


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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    On with the next update

    Here is the slot loading dvd drive that i will be using in this case for my girlfriend with the adapder and mounting system attached

    I went over to my local screwfix and picked up some bolts and rivets

    I then got the back mounted on to the case

    Then the window

    I then got around to mounting the dvd drive i clamped the support on the outside and drilled through

    And mounted

    Front cut for the dvd drive

    And mounted

    All that is left to do now is mount the feet cut a fan hole in the front and maybe make a fangrill and then sort out mounting for the laptop hdd and drill the hole for the vandal resistant switch then its done


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    [Project] Midnight Sparkle

    always like updates keep em cumin!

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