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Thread: BULLET custom thumbscrews

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    BULLET custom thumbscrews

    We all use thumbscrews, and the case mod market is oversaturated with thumbscrews made in Asia. What can I possibly do to compete? First off, give people their moneys worth! This is the final version of the "Bullet" theme case thumbscrew I'll be manufacturing. Depending how well it does, I'll offer more designs..It will be available in 6/32 and M3 thread. The diameter is 5/8", it actually looks bigger in these pics than it really is. The price hasn't been determined yet, but will likely be sold in sets of 4.

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    BULLET custom thumbscrews

    Now those I like! Does it come in .45 ACP?

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    BULLET custom thumbscrews

    they have to be the best thumbscrews ive ever seen! you should make a partner in the uk so i can purchase stuff from you

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    BULLET custom thumbscrews

    I'll have a set of 7.62 long please..

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    BULLET custom thumbscrews

    9mm ? :wink:

    Very cool! 8-)

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    BULLET custom thumbscrews

    Yes, about that size 8-)

    Bullet Thumbscrews are now available in M3 thread for all Lian Li cases & 6/32 for all other cases.

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