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Thread: Dirty!

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    Ok, just a short reason to why I have this dell. Well my wifes friend is not the cleanest person, when ever we go into there house, we have to walk though a maze of trash, things that have not been put away, and a wide range of animals. "8 cats, 2 dogs, a rabbit that should have die 10 years ago, and a lizard."

    Now onto the computer. Well she called me up today asking me to look at her computer, so before going over and looking at it I ask her a few SIMPLE questions.

    1. What did the error say when the computer came on, her reply "I Don't Know!"
    2. Are you able to get into windows, "No!"
    3. Is there a floopy disk in the floopy drive, "I Don't Know!"

    So after asking those 3 questions I said I will be over. When I show up I do the same thing as usual, "restrain myself from punting animals to make a path..." Once I am at the computer I FIRST look at the floopy drive, and press the eject button and what do you know, "A DAMN DISK POPS OUT!". So I am thinking oh great I took a 20 minute drive to fix this, after I ejected it I powered it on and saw a error on POST, "Unable to detect boot drive". So I started to unhook it and told I had to take it with me.

    Once I pulled it out into the light I saw the dirt, OMFG was it covered. Pop, Animal Hair, Dust/Dirt, and some other mystery stuff. I told her boyfriend I and waiting for a cat to leap out, that was living all the dirt side the case. So I got back to my house, and started working on the computer, and realized it was no used the hd is screwed, so I figured while it is open that I would take care of the dirt and stuff. And here is what I saw.....


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    I guess people are entitled to live there life as they see fit and not for us too judge..................But holy shite I could no way life like that and if that is the PC condition then I would hate too see the rest of the house......Would you like a glass of lemonade ahh ahh....pass :?

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    [marq=left] 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O [/marq][U] I guess she doesn't own a vacuum?

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    I've seen so dirty cases in my day, but that has got to be one of the nastiest around. Looks like you're working on it in the garage or something, good thing I guess, I wouldn't let a thing like that in my house, you don't know just what you'd catch fro all that garbage.

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    Well hell yeah, I am working on the it in one of our garages. Oh I forgot the mention there is rust one the corners of the case aswell. And you know what, lastnight I said F*ck it, if she don't want to take care it then I won't, so I used the shot back to clean the dirt off the front and back of the case....

    [marq=left] 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O 8O [/marq][U] I guess she doesn't own a vacuum?
    To answer your question my wife said yes they have 3 vacuums!

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    Wow. Ive taken apart older machines that have been sitting on the shelf for awhile, but ive never seen anything like this before.

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    lol me and nogig got an old emachines pc that was 366 mhz and when we opend it a damn cockroach walked out. but lol tell them they cant get it back because of the neglect. tell them you are gonna put it in a foster home

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    Yep looks bad.... pet hair will clog it up in not alot of time

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    Quick Call the PCPCS (prevention of crulety of pc's society)

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    Yipes, its dusty modded. or its the Shity-mod

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