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Thread: XB01 Lian Li Xbox 360 case mod

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    XB01 Lian Li Xbox 360 case mod

    I received the new XB01 case from Lian Li to check out.

    Bit-tech's excellent review and installation guide for the XB01 here

    I actually had to mod the XB01 right out of the box, my video component cable wouldn't fit. I have a first generation Xbox 360 without the HDMI connector. I didn't find any warnings on the box about this. This sucks for any 1st gen owners who don't mod. Lian Li obviously felt the majority of XB01 buyers would be enthusiasts who enjoy building and dismantling hardware, but it still could have been designed to accommodate both cable options.

    The XB01's drive eject button is just short of reaching the motherboard's eject button. A couple pieces of tape stuck to the tip of the button will fix the problem.

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    XB01 Lian Li Xbox 360 case mod

    This should be interesting. What a fun project.

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    XB01 Lian Li Xbox 360 case mod

    I was thinking about it again this morning.. "What do I like? .....hmmm.. biomechanical has always been my fav.. Maybe some sort of dark and evil mutant circuitry theme.. a portion has exploded from the inside?...haha" Ok, I'll look in my scrap bin tonight for some inspiration.

    In the meantime, more pics of installed system, which I'll be removing shortly..

    Extra Fan 2pin lead

    Wasted space...

    I prefer it sitting this way..

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