There are other things that you can mod!! (Its true, honest!!)

Here is a video of my previous hobby, back when I had a lot more money to burn!!

Click this bit here!!

The 325 had a lot done to it. I had skimmed the head, put on a straight through large bore exhaust, and a wire mesh air filter. The BHP went from 171 to 220. The whole car was also lowered 40mm on 17" TSW's. I added the M3 bodykit, and interior seats, changed the front grill and bumper, removed the side repeaters, and colour coded the rear lights. I had also changed the whole wiring for the stereo and speakers inclusive. Nothing too flash, but noticeable.

The car handled like a Go-Kart!!

The 750 was left stock. I just liked the car too much :cry:

Have fun all,

P.S. I now a crappy Honda Civic 1.6i, it sucks the bigfella