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Thread: new motherboard need some help

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    new motherboard need some help

    ok i got a new motherboard and it comes with the cpu this is what i got Biostar P4M80M4 Via Socket 478 MicroATX Motherboard and an Intel Celeron D 345 3.06GHz OEM Processor.Heres the deal i have hooked everything up right and everything i have check it about 5 times the prob. i am having is it powers up but my usb mouse dont light up nor does my usb keyboard lights light up and nothing shows up on the screen and there is no floppy in the floppy what can i be doing wrong can maybe some one help me


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    new motherboard need some help

    is the clear cmos jumper in the right place?

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    new motherboard need some help

    Have you checked the cmos setting to see if they where disabled?

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    new motherboard need some help

    the jumper is in the right place idk about the setting nothing will come up on the screen

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    new motherboard need some help

    You may need to use a PS2 keyboard to get into the BIOS. Check and see if the USB Keyboard/Mouse options are enabled.

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    new motherboard need some help

    i had this same problem when i first built this rig. here are the steps i took to getting it to boot

    1. make sure your fsb jumper didnt fall off lol this is what caused no video for me because the jumper wasnt even there
    2. clear the cmos
    3.use a ps/2 mouse and keyboard
    4. try different video cards
    5.check your standoffs you could be shorting something out

    hope some of this helps.

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    new motherboard need some help

    AF is correct. Use a PS2 Mouse and Keyboard on initial load to get in the bios and enable the USB.

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    new motherboard need some help

    about the setting nothing will come up on the screen
    Nothing as in no screen at all?

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    new motherboard need some help

    nothing comes up on the screen no bois no post nothing so i called td and getting other one,but i am pi$$ed now because when i called they said they have them instock will i just check the status of it and it is on backorder and i called and they said we get them on may 5 so i wont get it until other 1 week and a half and this makes me mad lol

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    new motherboard need some help

    well i finally got my replacement mobo and sitting it as i type this lol.after i get xp in it i am going to all my lights and mods for it and then when my old set up is running again i am going to benchmark the two and see the differents in them and ill post the benchmark stuff


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