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Thread: Mobo manufacturer support

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    Mobo manufacturer support

    Is it just me or is Customer Support going by the wayside from motherboard manufacturers. My board included of course (Asus), I've read reviews on several different websites about very unsatisfied customers over the last year or so. It would at least appear that the makers are offering at best, half assed-Bios upgrades and software components that don't mesh very well if at all.
    Is it simply a matter of getting something to work once and then throw it on the market as quick as possible to turn a buck? Much like what Microsoft did with their initial offering of Vista? To hell with the customer, we'll figure out a patch later....that's how it's beginning to seem.
    I've also seen this with some of the optical drives and a few of the USB flash drives as well.
    I'm not one to use the "good old days" comparison but doesn't quality and reputation matter anymore?

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    Mobo manufacturer support

    I will have to agree with you on this one, but I think it does have to included time is money thoughts.

    At random here.... you just cant have a bunch of people sitting around waiting for a call everyone so they will take their chances.

    With product advances happening more and more quickly the manufactures have less time to perfect their hardware to get them out on the market and grab up the "got to have it first" crowd.

    It is almost impossible to have it work with everything, but I do believe that most do the best they can and you have to remember that they are also trying to make stuff work with stuff that has not even be mentioned to the general public yet.

    Now the Vista thing...that was the unwillingness of product makers making new drivers for their stuff. Vista was a total rewrite of the code and some of the older drivers just would not want to work even thought MS tried to make it compatible. If anyone is running Vista now and has updated to Service Pack 1 I am sure they will tell you that it is a much more stable system. I think it is more stable than XP.

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    Mobo manufacturer support

    All very good and quite valid points AF as I highly respect your reviews and opinions.

    I would argue though that by trying to keep up with the Jones', the manufacturers in the long run are losing face with customers.
    Yes, the eternal race for the latest and greatest will always be there for some but as a whole, I don't think the market is amassed that quickly in numbers to warrant putting out what IMO is often times bad products for the sake of being "first" on the market.
    Your point is taken quite well of looking at it from the manufacturer/suppliers point of view and also from the builders/gamers point of view, and I considered it from both sides before I posted originally. However, I keep coming to the same conclusion...crap is crap no matter how much you dress it up.

    My experience is limited but after reading so many reviews heaping the praises about the A8N32 Deluxe SLI motherboard, I then purchased one. It's a purchase I regret to this day. The support from Asus is horrible at best and their Bios upgrades are an embarrassment. Tech support is non-existant (I realize it's an older board by today's standards) and the software I won't even get into here.
    I did as much research on the board as time allowed but until you have the hardware available, you can't truly account for everything you'll run into until it's installed.
    After looking further into this specific board, as well as a few others, it really was a smack in the face of how many ongoing issues there are that remain unresolved.
    The complaints I've read on Newegg and the manufacturers sites make me almost wonder why anyone would want to build there own system.
    I don't mean this to sound like a doomsday post for the hobby but as a customer the only recourse we have is tech support/RMA and forums when something goes wrong. And from what I've seen from at least 3 manufacturers is it definitely isn't a priority to them. Most rely on forums to get the fixes across but if you only sell a limited number of those boards you pull from a limited pool as well.

    In essence I would have to tie this in directly to a comment posted elsewhere about people becoming less involved in the hobby. Having done market research professionally, I know all to well that a customers first experience (especially a bad one) stays with them for a very long time, often times forever.

    As this dilemma seems to get worse over time (and I believe it is) the market as a whole will sadly become more and more accepting of this practice. Not, like it necessarily but we/they will grow to accept it.

    The current economic and financial climate doesn't bode especially well for the customers either. I won't go into the (my belief) reasoning for the irresponsibility and no accountability issues across the board from many Corporations today but it's something that at least needs to be looked at and recognized if we as customers are to have any sense of reliability on our future purchases and for the health of the industry and hobby as a whole.

    Quite honestly I was shocked having experienced first hand how lousy (at least with Asus) the Customer Service is. And it's not limited to just one manufacturer.

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    Mobo manufacturer support

    The Microsoft Vista point is not what I read or was discussed about in that regard.

    The initial release of Vista was leaked onto the market and then yanked, under a different beta-code name. I believe it was Langhorne? After many complaints and problems, the code was re-assembled to create a different product but essentially based on the Langhorne format.
    Microsoft then kept the clamps on the Vista OS and refused/limited to offer the code to the manufacturers to properly have time to develop and then test the drivers to have everything come out within a reasonable amount of time.
    Then, with the ongoing issues of Vista itself, after it's delayed release, many companies decided to hold back anyway since product support (drivers) for a piece of hardware that could very well wind up reaching the end of it's lifecycle made little to no sense.
    This was what I saw in many of the PC Magazines prior to and leading up to the release of Vista and even some of my friends who work in the IT field said the Vista upgrade was a no go at their companies because of the lack of communication between Microsoft to the manufacturers (to develop stable drivers) and the fact it offered nothing to warrant upgrading from XP.

    Whatever the reasoning or facts are, MS had better come out with a golden egg this time or they stand to lose even more customers. The amount of people switching over to Linux and other formats is growing in numbers and while Linux may never overtake MS as an operating system no one ever thought AOL would ever lose market share either.

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