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    whopper virgins

    No it's nothing naughty. It's an ad campaign but it's kinda hilarious. Burger King took the hamburger to parts of the world where they have no idea what a hamburger is. They get people to eat it and it's kinda funny. They have no idea how to hold it and some have never tasted pickles before. My favorite line is "it's good but I like seal meat better" LOL.

    :lol: :lol:

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    whopper virgins

    That was definatly well made and a damn clever add campaign for burger king. Good find.

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    whopper virgins

    Good video
    .. more going on here than just a commercial .. a common thing around the world is people share their cultures food ... glad to see that it went both ways in the vidio

    Thanks Shel

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    whopper virgins

    lol that was good

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    whopper virgins

    The director is Stacy Peralta with ball cap, I really like his refreshing style on filming documentaries, esp DogTown & Zboys, Riding Giants. Definately check them out if you like watching interesting documentaries

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    whopper virgins

    Dogtown is a great movie!

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