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Thread: Switches with LED's

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    Switches with LED's

    ok, i just bought some really cool (and expensive :roll: ) switches. they are momentary SPDT, and the part you push is ringed with blue led light. im wondering how i can get the led in the switch to light up whenever the computer has power (not when its turned on, when it has power) this is like the led that motherboards have soldered and/or glued onto them to indicate that it has power. any help will be greatly appreciated!

    (dont know if i need to do this yet) EDIT: ok, thanks now i just need to know how to hook it up without killing either A: my self or B: the psu. It does make sense because the green wire is the psuON terminal/pin thing which would be the only one to have power when the psu is plugged in.

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    Switches with LED's

    green power line coming off of the atx connector to your motherboard. It has +5v any time the computer has power. I think that is the right way to do it... someone with a bit more time can correct me.

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