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Thread: Free laptop!!

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    Free laptop!!

    I got a free lappy today!!

    Its an imensly powerful IBM machine!! An IBM 760XD with 48Mb of RAM and a 1.95Gb HDD!! Its running Win 95 nice and fast and came with a 56k PCI modem!

    Any ideas guys? I could load it with DSL (Damn Small Linux), but I did that with the last free IBM crappy lappy I got.

    Have fun all,

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    Free laptop!!

    That's pretty impressive. I got a crappy lappy a while back for free, but it came sans hard drive and thus has sat in my closet for a good while. Mine was a P1, not sure of other specs. As for yours, I have a suggestion: Use it as a mobile monitor! Before any goons heckle me on the electrical differences between dvi/vga and the proprietary connections used between a laptop's monitor and gpu, let me explain. First, buy an ethernet (or wireless) card and install dsl or whatever operating system suits your fancy. Then, set it up as a vnc client. You can use tightvnc or whatever else you might find that you decide better suits your needs. It will not act as a third monitor, but will instead be a clone of your primary display. Why is this useful, you ask? Because using the remote processing power of your desktop sure beats using the local processing power of that laptop! You can use it in the kitchen for breakfast-time surfing, or just leave it out for guest use. Just my long-winded suggestion.

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    Free laptop!!

    Freaking awesome idea!!

    Thanks mate, I'll try to get that going

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