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Thread: Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    Hi all. My first topic :P

    First I'm a french Canadian so my English is probably not fine but I will try to do my best :P

    Ok, this topic will talk about molex. I tried to colorize one with fabric dye and it work like a charm.

    I just unmounted the molex and put it in boiling water on the oven. I stirred ( world from google... hehe sry if this is not the good one :P) occasionally just to be sure that the molex does not melt from the bottom. I let those pieces about 30 min. in this solution ( let it boil for this time ).

    And the result. ( the black is my dyed and the white the original )

    I will try soon with other color.

    So if you have nice cable with ugly white molex ... don't paint it ... dye it. This will make a better job and it really easier.

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    What kind of Dye? like a fabric dye like RIT dye? That's interesting. I never thought of that. Good idea!

    oh, and welcome to the forums!!

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    Yup like RIT but mine is Tintex.

    I bought it at Dolorama ( don't know if you have this store where you are )

    I don't use all the box ... just enough to colorize the water. Today i bought yellow red blue and brown. I will try it and post my result. I think this work for all plastic but at different degrees. I will explain soon how it work... but its a lot of work for me to translate :P

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    cool. can't wait to see the results.

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    Could you throw in a couple beige-clear molexes like from an older psu? I'm interested to see how much the initial color effects the outcome. I've been meaning to do this myself for sometime, except to my old nasty beige plastic speakers. I bought some RIT color-removing dye for like ¢50 at a thrift store to prep the speakers for dying by turning them white(r), but if it isn't necessary I may as well skip to color. Thanks for the info, though, and nice work.

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    I used old molex to this "test". It turned a bit yellow ( not clearly white ) over time and ( i guess ) this color was done by cigarette smoking. I will try to get better pics but its hard to get a good result. Next time i will try red dye and some other plastic like other plug from psu, rj45 plugs , ... all stuff made with plastic then I can take off to try :P

    Haaa ... and i tried to scratch the black molex to see if i can see the old "white". I don't make a big scratch but I made it just enough like a real one can be and .... .... ... it still black :P So this effect is better then paint for this point. Again, it's hard to catch on picture. :P

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    Here in red ...


    After Dyed in 20 min in red solution...

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    Very neat process babbu, thanks for sharing! This would make a great How To I do believe you should submit it to Americanfreak. Of course the process will have to be a bit more detailed for the How To with pics etc, but it will make a good one.

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    Like sheldog23 I never thought fabric dye would work but this is great!!

    Thanks for the information!

    Welcome to Modders-Inc

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    Painted Molex ? Nha ! Dyed !!!

    This is very cool and I've got a simple mod I'm doing that it will work great for!!!



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