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Thread: serial lcd help

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    serial lcd help

    OK im looking at a 16X4 lcd to add to a future case mod (in about a week or 2). the thing is i know that people generally hook them up to a serial port. fine i have one. but, the lcd has 16 pins while i only have a 9 pin serial port. i dont know if this matters (i think it does though) and would like to know how i could hook it up. the lcd is here (no wiring instructions or anything like that just a bare lcd). please help a fellow modder (in training)

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    serial lcd help

    My suggestion is to drive it with a arduino board. Its easy, low cost ( the board ) and it can take a usb on board port.

    Arduino Serial LCD Tutorial

    You can put 4X20 LCD display on it but i don't realy read about it.

    Read this... it might help you...
    Project Found with a 4X20 LCD Panel

    Arduino board is really cheap, open source and they are a lots of projects on the web.

    I already got mine and it work really great AND with one board you can put other stuff on it like new button , leds , fan control , etc ...

    You can go to the website too learn and download the free application to program it.

    In my case ... my mod will have it to do stuff.

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    serial lcd help

    If it our How-to helps you out

    LCD wiring guide

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