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    Wow it's been awhile.... Wuzzup....

    Finding myself with some free time since being layed off last week from my main job (still a couple of part time jobs that don't pay much) I've been looking threw the OTR driver jobs and am considering Roehl They finance training etc just like most do.

    Does anyone know anything about tv and or internet over the road?
    Being stuck someplace with nothing to do wouldn't be much fun.

    Basically I'm still looking and haven't went threw any classes yet, I'm approved at a couple different places if I choose one. With the way the economy is right now good jobs are getting scarce drivers are not paid to bad, probably less than they work though.

    Anyhow Just looking for some info....

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    Found a couple for tv if someone by chance wants the info.. VU Qube Mobile Satellite TV system $649 Trac Vision $ not cheap $2000+

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