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Thread: Name That Connector!

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    Name That Connector!

    Hokay, so I picked up a giant old lcd monitor on ebay for $100 (had a gift certificate), but it didn't come with a power adapter. I also now have a gift certificate for newegg, and they sell 24v ac adapters for like $35. My problem is that the adapters that they sell don't come with proper connector for my monitor. pics:

    I could just snip off the connector on the adapter and shove the + and - leads into their respective holes, but I feel more confident in my soldering skillz than in a friction fit. My plan is to buy the monitor plug and the ac adapter separately and solder on the new plug. But I don't know what the plug is called, which is why I'm posting. Merry Christmas!

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    Name That Connector!

    brand and model of the LCD may be of some assistance here.... never seen a connector like that.... that's for sure!

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    Name That Connector!

    DC 3 Pin Power Connector

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    Name That Connector!

    Awesome! Thanks Tazz. Oh, and the monitor is an NEC lcd2110

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