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Thread: My Computer/dog

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    My Computer/dog

    Hello everyone.

    I finally got pictures of my computer...and one of my awesome dog.

    Comp with the side on:

    DOG!..with his skin on.


    PS. Please leave comments

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    My Computer/dog

    woot your pc r making my pc drool i have the same dog lol they bark too much.

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    My Computer/dog

    Thanks much! Yeah, my dog barks, humps and loves too much. I love him though . He's so...awesome .

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    My Computer/dog

    Locust really nice rig buddy but I'm sorry I hate those mutts.......

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    My Computer/dog

    Thanks much . Yeah, I guess you'd either hate em or love em. I love him :P. If you don't own one *aka my neighbors* I could see where you would hate them, he doesn't shut up.

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    My Computer/dog

    Well like the pc. but the dog...

    My aunt in thailand had 2 of them and they attacked and killed a pig...

    But the blame is propably on my aunt...

    greets from the .dk

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    My Computer/dog

    Maybe the dog needs a Mod Job done to him. I like your rig, one of these days I'm going to get myself a full tower any thing that's larger than 4 drive bays that is. That's the largest I've ever owned. Most are 3 drive bays but I do have 2 cases with 4 drive bays. Even Red Lantern only had 3. Happy Modding to ya.

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    My Computer/dog

    Heh that's my old computer. Haven't gotten around to posting my new one. Really old thread! XD

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    My Computer/dog

    Thats a well cool rig!

    Happy modding To All!

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    My Computer/dog

    Pretty crazy...

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