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Thread: Whats up with people

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    Whats up with people

    Whats up with people?

    I know this isn't modding related in any way shape or form, just something on my mind.

    Working part time at Wallys it seams people just don't care about anyone but themselves. They take there stuff out of there cart and just leave it where it is not caring if there is any chance it could hit another persons auto or not.
    The pic is just a small part of the lot and the entire parking lot looked the exact same way.

    The very same people that complain about not having someone else to pay there health care, the very same people that complain that we are not a united and caring country. The very same people that expect the working to pay for the nonworking.

    I was out one night and this mini van squeezed into a tight parking spot with a row of carts next to it, the passenger (a large woman) opened the door and didn't have enough room to get out, so whats she do she kicks the door and pushes the carts as hard as she can into a truck parked next to the carts leaving a nice big dent.

    Do people not realize paying people to return there carts adds to the cost of there shopping?
    Are these the same people complaining that businesses make to much money and complain when costs go up?
    When did we turn into a nation of its all about me and screw everyone else?

    OK I'm done ranting now carry on with you lives.

    I have a dent in my truck now due to someone driving into it (hit and run), leaving without so much as a note or anything from parking in this parking lot.

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    Whats up with people

    I personally dont usually put my cart in a cart recepticle or walk it back to the store unless I'm particulary close to one. But I always make sure its proped on a curb or something and cant roll anywhere by accident. A lot of stores offer help to everybody out. I of course say no and do it myself, but I think at this point that's an accepted thing that they pay for someone to collect the carts from the parking lot.

    I cirtainly hope you pointed out to the lady that she dented that mans car, and if the doesnt care make sure whoevers car that is gets that womans licence plate number or something. Some people are just assholes, but I'm sorry man, if you did nothing, that seems just as bad to me.

    I just came home from a target and by chance noticed how few carts were in the parking lot. The workers there do a good job of collecting them. In the places where there bunched up like that I may have to park farther away from the door to avoid them, no big deal.

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    Whats up with people

    PC....stop your crying you little baby....LOL

    Dude I know exactly what you are talking about and it is truly sad that people have attitudes as such that. But I bet if you asked that lady or anyone one that just leaves the carts they would say "Well it gives some one a job"...a pretty piss poor response rather than saying "My fat ass is to lazy to push the cart the extra 20 feet to put it away even though I just pushed the damn thing for the last 3 hours and really that bag of Cheetos was already open so why let it got to waste since they would only throw them out anyways so get out of my face before I do to you what I just had fun doing to some ones truck in the parking lot"

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    Whats up with people

    man i totaly know what you mean....thats why i think that we have to put a coin in our trollys, it stops peopls from just leaving them! but not all places down here in the uk do being one i work there and i tell you what it drives me nuts that people have the cheek to pick stuff up, then just put it on the floor instead of back on the shelfs, and the trolleys, i go nuts with the amount left on the car park, which by the way is nearly ALL of them, and then the very same customers who leave the trolleys outside have the cheek to come in a week later and MOAN yes moan about there not being any trolleys in the store!!! (they have ago at us for it!!) so yea i totaly know what ya mean!

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    Whats up with people

    Well, wally is where most lower life forms go to shop. Can't hardly expect them to keep the parking lot looking better than the trailer park. :lol:

    Seriously, though. People have gotten a little disrespectful of their fellow humans.

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    Whats up with people

    Yep the coin slot carts would be the best way to go, no matter what someone would be returning them for the change.

    I know most say there giving someone a job but look at what the job pays, min wage to bust azz all day sux.

    Most aren't to bright lol I watch them pull in late at night and park at the end with no cars so they get that front row parking spot, they get out walk to the door and it doesn't open. Go figure the end with no cars is locked, so they have to walk to the other end and enter the store or move there car lol.
    I always kind of figured those where the Democrats, watching them stand there looking at the door with that wft look is priceless lol.

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