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Thread: Defyant Mods :)

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    Defyant Mods :)

    Hey guys

    Again soz for the delay in posts!

    I'll use this post as a segway to the latest proggy, HP-Server


    This case mod has evolved over the past few yrs into a mod that has been my constant main pc since it's original build. I still have a lot of new plans for this case and it still remains my personal fav

    HP-RES 2

    HPR2 was everything i wanted to do to HP-1 but didn't :wink: It too has undergone serveral "Evolutions" since it's orig build. With new internal stealthling,res's.rad/fan combo and new blue coolant.


    Mega was the word with this mod! Again this mod was everthing i wanted to do with HP-2 but didn't :wink: The emphasis on this mod was internal....The mod while now @ almost 90% complete is on hold till i can sort extra funds to for paint and a possible remote control setup.

    HP-4 FLAME'D

    I always wanted to do a "FLAMED" them mod the idea behind this mod was to simply take all the features i liked in the first 3 mods and combine them with a futuristic "hotrod" looking case.


    This mod was originally built for a good freind. The idea was to build him the perfect "Lan" case!
    Stylish looks while not looking to "over the top" combined with 9 240V fans connected to a custom 240v baybus made this the perfect air cooled case.

    The name is derived from the 7 x "Masta" fans for silent operation and it's 2 massive air moving side mounted "Blasta" fans for when lan party overclocking was needed


    This case was total fun to build! It was a father/son collaboration

    The mod used LED lighted plex panels with the traditional Defyant side mounted res's and was the first of my signature water loops.


    Another fun mod! The original inspiration for this mod came fom SHELDOG23 's amazing " Must Kill Teddy Bears" Mod. This was a the first of 3 themed perspex cases mods. Using left over green plex scraps and an old "ex shop display" case PeRs-pLeXe'D was put togther in pretty much a days work


    This was the Second of 3 themed plex cases. Originally intended as another "Quicky" mod! I decided that the mod was worth spending some time and money on. This Mod is still used by my son (Zak) as his daily pc! aliong with HP2,HP4Flamed recently featured on a popular daytime show here downunder

    Other mods include " PROJECT FUSION " A comlpete gutting and reconstruction of an APPLE G5 case to include a fully watercooled overclocked Dual XEON Workstation.


    Affectionatly nicknamed Halle Berry This mod was built as a MP3 box to accompany our existing home stereo! kind of fitting as this mod started life as a "sony subwoofer"!!!!! featered a full water cooled system in a smaller then "mini" tower , custom air ducting system, side mounted slot loading DVD and an interchangable window panel.


    Not much of a mod i find these cases already "eye pleasing" but thought a few small touches needed to be added

    This leads to the latest project HP-SERVER!

    Recentlly shopping around to find the right case to accomodate our ever growing home server i decided to end the HP trilogy of cases with a SERVER

    HP-SERVER will be a purpose built case to suit our needs here @ home. As you can see it's quiet different

    The worklog can be seen righ here @ MI


    Supreme Commander

    rc="" alt="" />

    A big shout out to all those who supported these mods thru the other forums, it's you guys that spur me on and feed the imagination I'ts great to see you all here again and the many new faces!

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    Defyant Mods :)

    Next Project - HP Fetish!!

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    Defyant Mods :)

    Ahhh, Defyant in all his glory. Modding doesn't get much better. Great stuff. I can hardly wait for the next worklog.

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    Defyant Mods :)

    Impressive work Defyant

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    Defyant Mods :)

    As always, you Amaze and Astound, and continue to Impress us with your skills (and make us more than a little envious of them as well )

    Great to see your work here Defyant


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    Defyant Mods :)

    You've been a source of inspiration for many of us, thanks for sharing your great job Defyant!

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    Defyant Mods :)


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    Defyant Mods :)

    Gob smacked..... really impressive

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    Defyant Mods :)


    Somebody hand me a towel. Almost as good as sex.... *almost*....

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    Defyant Mods :)

    Total sexy!! a show of lighting and style! PeRs-pLeXe'D is amazing!

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