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Thread: Finally sleeved my UV can i make them GLOW???

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    Finally sleeved my UV can i make them GLOW???

    Hey building my 1st case mod....its coming together nicely...though to proceed any further, i'll have to work out how to light my cables up...

    I've seen some really nice UV cable mods in the various galleries....though it would be nice to know how youve managed to do it

    I can only fit 80mm fans, i hear the UV ccfl case fans may be a good you think 2 x uv ccfl fans would be enough to light up my case?.....or would it be better off getting some UV CCFL cathodes??/

    Please provide pics of your own cases and how many ccfl's youve got in there to light up your case. sleeves are all UV green, and id like to have a blue light/green cable theme....they really do go well from pics ive seen in the past....i dont need UV green ccfl's to light up my uv green cables do i?

    Id also like to know what material they use for UV ide/floppy connectors....cause it seems to me that they sleeve it, then add some sort of clear sleeving tube on top...i like this look because it makes everything look more clean, and kind of makes normal psu connectors look like a watercooled tube....

    heres an example of what i mean:


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    Finally sleeved my UV can i make them GLOW???

    When buying UV lighting there is no color options. UV is the color. The color options are in the materials used on the UV reactive parts. (like the UV Green sleeving).

    So you either need to add UV LED fans, UV LEDs, or UV CCFLs or any combination of those. To do a UV / Blue mixture, you would do a UV CCFL and a Blue CCFL. Depending on your wiring job (how you have things routed). You will probably need at least 2 UV sources (one top and one bottom) at the least.

    The best thing to do is look at other peoples mods that have used UV / Blue combinations and try to track down a worklog to identify what they used. Other wise its pretty much a trial and error process. We can all speculate what will work (but that will be based on each of our own preferences). I haven't done a UV system overall so I don't have pictures to show. If you look up my Green Flame mod in the worklog section you will see I run UV Green fans. I run them for the Green color the fan frame has more so than the UV light they put off.

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    Finally sleeved my UV can i make them GLOW???

    Tazz is right it's the Object UV color that glows not the light. Kinda like being under a black light and bright colored objects seem to glow. If you get Neon or UV cables and a couple of UV CCFL's that should be all you need. The hard part is getting it set up to where it's Glowy enough for you. You can get UV led's to help spotlight less bright areas and what not. It is a lot of trial and error though and in a bright room won't glow much due to the regular light interfering.

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    Finally sleeved my UV can i make them GLOW???

    Do you know where i can get that cables sleeve that goes over your normal braided cables sleeve, to give it more of a clean look?....kind of like the look of watercooler tubing look.....its the same as the UV ide cables

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    Finally sleeved my UV can i make them GLOW???,, and are the three big names for modding stuff for me. There are many many others though. Plenty of UV sleeving at all of those.

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