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Thread: how to make an illuminating button?....

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    how to make an illuminating button?....

    Hey guys, im trying to make an illuminating switch similar to the xbox power button...

    If you have a look at the image, all the white parts, would be wood in instead....i was thinking a holesaw would work to engrave the round circle into the wood for it to glow the same way as the pic???.....

    Also, what sort of light would i need to make it glow just as well as the Xbox one, and how would i go about getting power to it, an making it light arround the button itself?

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    how to make an illuminating button?....

    Hmm is it going to be dark wood? I think it would show up better with a dark background.

    The switch might be tricky. You might be better off actually using an Xbox switch if you can find a junk one or spare parts somewhere?

    I'm sure one of the Modmeisters will come up with something on here though .

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    how to make an illuminating button?....

    Thanks - though im not making a switch.....all i want is for that part of the design to glow when i turn on the PC.....the switch will be located elsewhere.....

    Yeah ill be painting everthing black

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    how to make an illuminating button?....

    I've seen this done several different ways.

    The first way is to take a piece of plex and put a thin piece of wood Laminate over it. Laser or dremel out the design and then back light the plex.

    The other way is to carve through the wood and fill it with a clear epoxy. Sand it smooth and back light it.

    Both of these methods were done by Zapwizard on his wood HTPC mod found here.Project Redwood

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