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Thread: media center build modded whoo!!!

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    media center build modded whoo!!!

    ok so as some know i do have anouther mod currently in the process but due to totaly crap weather i havent been able to put any spray to metal so its on hold untill we get some good weather, but on a totaly side project i decided its about time i built this damn media instead of going out and buying a case i wanted something i started of with looking for what i could use, and came across this....

    as some might have already noticed, this is one heck of a heap of totaly crapness lol some intel p1 or something...anyway i got this from the my sisters fellers workplace (a tip) so it effectivly cost me nothing

    next up im going to need to sort the back out, but.....before i do that lets see how the setup will sit in here,

    of course im going to want to make this thing

    hehe the power of a jigsaw!!! and files...........

    but heres a problem i have,


    that psu is going to sit high, but i have a plan

    so back to modding this rig, i got a backplate and mobo tray from a e machines pc

    now ive just got to make a new back huh....

    so to keep me from being board this is what started from it, im trying to work on it every few days, so it should get finshed pretty soon as ive ordered nearly all the parts for it already, now the rig is going to play games but not alot so i decided with a hd 4670 which im in the process of getting from kustompcs

    ive got the mobo,cpu (dual core intel), 512mb mem to keep it going till i buy some more a 250gb hdd (80gb atm mind) and 450w psu im intent on getting a blueray dvd drive aswell, so all in all it should be a pretty damn good media center

    updates soon guys, comments/critisim is always welcome

    yes my gf has signed the mobo tray!! and for all who wonder...the parts used to test are all old although they do work lol i just dont really care about a 800mhz cpu 4g hdd and crappy 200watt psu lol

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    media center build modded whoo!!!

    Sweet love the old rigs getting a new life those old desktops make great media centers!!


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    media center build modded whoo!!!

    Cool keep us updated...

    Yep 800mhz isn't much, I Have a dual possessor 800 sitting here I need to do something with one of these days..

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    media center build modded whoo!!!

    I know i'm interested in seeing the progress.

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    media center build modded whoo!!!

    thanks for the input guys always good to hear, i got the cpu through today its so damn fast! i wasnt exspecting much from it, e2180 dual core and yet i overclock it and damn its doing well! im working on this later today so there is possibly a update this weekend

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