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Thread: How to change the LED in a Razer Lachesis

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    How to change the LED in a Razer Lachesis

    Hi i bought a razer lachesis from ebay (warranty non transferable so no worries there...) and would like to know how to switch out the LED's in it, which are currently blue, to red. All of my other stuff is red even my razer tarantula (voodoo model) so its a pretty big clash in color. i know the general procedure for switching out LED's in mice but since i paid 50+ bucks for it i'd rather not break it for a small cosmetic mod, so what im looking for is basically specific directions for opening the shell and switching out the LED's with out destroying the pulsating effect that they have. thanks for any help in advance.

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    How to change the LED in a Razer Lachesis

    I'm not sure about opening it. Most mice are screwed together from the bottom and aren't that complex to take apart and put back together again. Switching LED's is a bit more complicated depending on where and how they are placed. Usually they a soldered onto a PCB. Are you good at soldering or have you ever done it?

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    How to change the LED in a Razer Lachesis

    Not sure about how good i am at it since i've never done it before, but i do have a steady hand and a decent array of tools.

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    How to change the LED in a Razer Lachesis

    remember to let the soldering gun to heat up for awhile before starting

    Removing the old LED's? ... heat the the spot where the LED touches the circuit board and use something to pull on it (pliers?) while still keeping the heating device (gun or pencil type) on the joint
    Amount of solder to use? ... less is more when it comes to solder, especially when it comes to parts already soldered
    How do you know it's hot enough? ... when the solder melts into a smooth and shiny mirrior like pool

    Tips? ...
    3. Component Prepartion: Tinning
    Both contacts must be tinned before you attempt to solder them. This coats or fills the wires or connector contacts with solder so that you can melt them together. For example, if you are soldering a piece of insulated wire, use a wire stripper to strip away the tip of the insulation to expose the copper wire within, and then lightly coat it with solder. You must also tin the tip of the iron to help conduct heat to the components.

    Tinning ...
    To tin a wire, apply the tip of your iron to the wire for a second or two, then apply the solder to the wire. The solder will quickly flow, and coat the tip of the wire, and if it's stranded wire, the solder will flow into it, and fill the wire. If you put too much solder on and formed a little ball of solder at the end of the wire, you should snip the end off afterwards. If you overheat the wire, you will melt the insulation off, or cause it to shrink back, and expose more copper core than planned.

    4. Applying Heat and Solder
    With the tinned soldering iron in hand, you are now ready to heat the components. Rest the iron tip on both the component lead and the PCB. It will only take one or two seconds to heat the components up. Once you have heated up the component and the circuit board, solder can be applied. Touch the tip of the strand of solder to the heated component lead and the solder pad on the circuit board, but not to the tip of the iron. At this point, the solder will flow freely around the component lead and the pad. Once the surface of the pad has been completely coated, you must stop adding solder and then, quickly remove the soldering iron. Do not move the newly formed joint for a few seconds until the solder cools down and becomes solid. Moving the joint at this point will cause a formation of a cold joint.

    ... from this site ...

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    How to change the LED in a Razer Lachesis

    alright thanks DB

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