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    After recently re-wiring and water cooling our home server in a sad attemp to achieve "quietness" i relised that poor case design was more to blame for heat and noise than the parts i was using to cool.

    In the case of our home server the 5xHDD's are what generate the most heat....ther-for need a harder louder working fans to to over come poor case design cool them.... and with plans to add 2 more HDD's somehow things wern't looking good.

    As seen on a lot of home case mods, fans can be installed into the top drive bays to help with upper case and HDD cooling.

    Not many case's offer a solution to "upper case cooling" if your one who installs HDD's high up in your server or pc mid sized towers. Most cooling solutions are applied to the lower front of the case.

    With HP SERVER i have decided to design (well a few ideas in my head) and build another HP-8000 series case into a custom purpose built solution for our home server needs.

    The main Feature of the mod will be it's grafted UPPER and LOWER 120mm Turbine style custom blow holes!

    To work in with this design, i have thought out a MID MOUNTED Cdrom mod! and will graft in a sexy "flipdown" type STEALHED cdrom door

    These 2 mods will allow for the addition of HDD Bay setup wich will inturn also allow me to now add upto a WHOPPING 12xHDDS! and have them quietly and efficiently cooled buy the dual 120 front upper and lower fans.

    Extra features so far include possible DUAL 380mm Top Mounted Res's! of course some custom internals, watercooling and some side mounted info guages!

    Let the MOD begin!

    The front panel.

    I'll be using left over panels from all the other mods! some are already modded so this should helps things move along a lil quicker.

    Of course the holes need to be marked.

    The top section of the front panel has its cdrom area plated and hole cut as well

    Some good old stormwater 110mm pipe is cut and sat into the holes.

    Scared yet?

    A floppy is no good to me! so in it's place is where the CDROM flip down front mod will be.

    a bit more prep work

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    Time for bondo action!

    for HPR-SERVER ive decided to go with a more pronounced lip on the both blowholes, i figured if i'm ganna have 2 blow holes! they may as well stand out.

    i also decided to do away with the lower contour to try and even the front look up a bit.

    The CDROM was/is going to take a bit of work!! around the edges are a pain to get right, the door closes flush with the face of the front panel.

    If not done perfect will most definatly spoil the look of the case... extra time and care is taken.

    Very early and crude! but i need a look see

    The panel is left to sit over night to allow all the bondo to settle and go off.

    Next day is more work on that CDROM opening.

    As you can see the upper lip of the door must sit perfectly flush!!

    Amost there! some small pits to be filled

    will leave this sit over night again then sand and sprayputty tomorrow.

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    Some more putty and sanding work is done to the blowholesand sat back on to get an idea of what fans i will run,

    I'm thinking 2 Turbine style fans will prolly have the best effect!

    Some final shots for now before sprayputty tomrrow

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    The front panel is given it's first few coats of spray putty and allowed to sit over night under the dry lamps. This is where i'll first see all the highs and lows and nasty edges! and theres going to be alot!!!

    The next day the panels again are wet rubbed with 800

    The final uncercoat is primer

    A few more spots "flare up" this can happen, in this instance it's the thinners in the paint biting into the edge of the first layer of putty. The panels are joined and yet again wet rubbed and spray puttied.

    A final few coats of primer are applied to seal everything down, this is final now with just a web rub before paint.

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    With the front panel finally done i can move onto the how the 8-12 HDD/cd rom bay will install.

    Perfect for this mod is the section form an old Plex case! with a very minimal modding the bay will install right in!

    With the front panel bolted in i can now sit the CDROM in and install the plex mounts in.

    The plex panel thatmake the bay are very old! and have a lot of small scratching on them.

    a quik machine buff using fine compound will remove most of the smaller ones.

    8 custom clear plex adapter mounts are cut and drilled to fit HDD's into the top bay section.(these will be re made the first 2 are just for testing and of course are a bit ruff)

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    You can now see with the Clear mounts installed and some Older workshop HDDs, how the new setup will easily house and effectivly cool 8-12 HDD's somthing not normally seen in a standard size mid ATX tower.

    Finally i can fit the the custom flip down front CDROM door for a test run

    I'm really really happy with the look of the cdrom panel graft! once under paint it will look factory.

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    Case is looking good Defyant

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    You have made mention of sprayputty. Would you kindly explain to me what sprayputty is. I have never heard of that term. Thank you.

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    Spray Putty ... think thick spray-on primer ...

    Looking killer Defyant


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    Thanks DB, I'll check in on this product. Tomorrow is being set aside for paint shopping for Cash Box as it was, so I'll check on the sprayputty while I'm at it.

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