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Thread: Girls gone FAIL!

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    Girls gone FAIL!

    No nudity, but may not be SFW .... Enjoy!


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    Girls gone FAIL!

    Very cute.

    One question though, what the heck does PWNED or is it OWNED mean? I think one of those are correct, if not then what is it that is close to that?

    I have seen it before but am clueless.

    Mabye a slang thing but not sure.

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    Girls gone FAIL!

    Pwn (/ˈpoÊ*n/, /ˈpuːn/, /pəˈʔoÊ*n/, /ˈpɔːn/, /piˈoÊ*n/, /pwəˈʔnÌ©/, /ˈoÊ*n/) is a leetspeak slang term, derived from the word "own",[1][2] that implies domination or humiliation of a rival, used primarily in the Internet gaming culture to taunt an opponent who has just been soundly defeated (e.g. "You just got pwned!&#34. The past tense may also be spelled pwnd, pwn3d, pwnt or powned.

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    Girls gone FAIL!

    haha that was great nice find

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