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Thread: Hard drive failures

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    Hard drive failures

    So, perhaps until now I've been lucky, but I've never experienced a hard drive failure. I have had dozens of drives, and many 20 and 80 and 120 gig drives all met their end because they became too small, and now just sit on a shelf, but still work. I've never even purchased a hard drive that was doa. Keep in mind right now i have 13 hard drives that I rely on, and thats not including the 5 hard drives in the cinematograph. The only problem I've ever had was with a 3 or so year old portable hard drives that had some bad sectors at one point. I had to use spinright to recover some video files, and ended up losing a few frames, but otherwise it still works.

    Now a few weeks ago my primary computer completely crashed. I was able to boot it long enough to find out my 2x500gb raid 0 had failed. (it was about 80% full, yay!). I disconnected the drives and found out one was fine and the other was completly dead. Oddly at the same time suddenly my OS drive, a raptor x is also dying. Spinright gets stuck about 30% in and finds endless mission sectors. Meanwhile my computer is constantly crashing and bugging out.

    Anyway, Just thought I'd tell my story and find out what sort of failure rate other people have had. Have I just been lucky until now?

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    Hard drive failures

    Not many failed for me... other hardware failed first... I Still have a 4gb that runs a tiny ssh server for network access, and the 80gb out of the first computer I owned.

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    Hard drive failures

    Sounds like a heat related problem to me. Just my .02

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    Hard drive failures

    I had a Quantum Bigfoot (a whopping 9 GB back then lol) (later Quantum was bought out by Seagate) in a brand new 550 Mghz HP that came out the very day I bought it in 'May of 98'. Started it once to look at it (Windows 98) and then came home with a new computer desk to a dead hard drive. Kaput, nothing. A one time drive, go figure. Now that's what I call security ha ha ha.

    Hp sent all the shipping material to me in 24 hours and had the computer back to me with only a 7Gb drive this time in another 24 hours but it did work smoothly for over 4 years after that. Matter of fact I still have the drive as a keepsake of sorts. My $3000 550Mghz computer in 1998.

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    Hard drive failures

    I have purchased about 9 or 10 drives so far for me and my family and at this point there have been no failures on any, all still kickin. The oldest being about 7 yrs old.

    Also, they are all western digital drives. I have heard of some bad stories about WD hard drives but I swear by them.

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    Hard drive failures

    Yea, It's definatly not heat. The Raptor X I had actually had its own cooler that I gave it. Funny thing is the other 2 drives are also western digital.

    So I just went to place an rma on the 2 drives that just failed. My 500gb drive that was part of the raid was purchased about 2 and a half years ago. I thought an RMA would be no problem as know a lot of drives even then started to do a 3 or 5 year warranty. Then I found out for this particular drive the warranty was only 1 year! I was showed online and oddly enough while all bulk drives of this model held a 3 year warrenty the retail kit only had a 1 year. Arent retail drives supposed to have a longer warranty?

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    Hard drive failures

    Western Digital ya say, thar be ye problem. the only WD hard drive i sell is the green series the older caviears were junk. Get a seagate man 5 year warranty. but be warned dont buy the oem ones off newegg, I got one and it had no warranty.

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    Hard drive failures

    I've always had good luck with Western Digital drives myself.
    Sure it happens from time to time with WD but most of the dead drives I see are brands other than WD.

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