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Thread: How to spray paint my case mod?...need some help

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    How to spray paint my case mod?...need some help

    Hey guys....i finally built my case, and tried spray painting it, but i suck....i need ot know the correct procedure...

    Its a wooden case...and im trying to paint my front lid for it. building the frame again with MDF wood, and would like to know the best way to do it.

    1) is using a spray can ok, or do i NEED a spray gun?

    2) should i spray down on the surface?.....when i did this i got alot of leakage from the can

    3) do i need to sand my wood, if it has never been painted?

    4) i always get these really bad spots in my paintjob that look like paint has leaked like little blobs!!! to i workaround this???

    any useful tips much appreciated

    please also advise which tols i should purchase from the DIY store...

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    How to spray paint my case mod?...need some help

    Krylon Successful Spray Painting Techniques

    How to Spray-Paint Wood

    Wood is porous and must be sealed before you paint it. Apply a coat of aerosol primer to any wood surface, even if it is varnished. Sanding glossy or raw wood beforehand will result in a better finish with fewer coats.
    Hope that helps some nsta

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    How to spray paint my case mod?...need some help

    Other than prep work, which is a whole thing unto itself - the actual act of spraying is relatively easy.

    The key here is to start spraying off the surface then sweep across the surface and past it then sweep back, over a different spot - then past it etc etc. Never stop or start spraying while pointing directly at the surface and always paint in layers. Also, if at all possible, hang you work or at the very least, don't spray downwards - that's a sure fire way to get splatters as paint can gum up the nib and drip onto your work.

    Your first coat should never be a thick one. A good rule of thumb with the first coat is, if you can see a little bit of the original surface, its fine. On the second coat you shouldn't see any of the surface and the third coat is beauty.

    Give each coat, assuming you're not baking it under lights, at least 30 minutes to an hour to stiffen up before you paint the next coat. Give the final coat an overnight set before you clear coat.

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    How to spray paint my case mod?...need some help

    1) It's up to you whether you want to use a spray gun or spray can. I personally prefer a spray gun because I know how to mix paint (paint has to be thinned down to the correct thickness) and use a spray gun and it is far from as straight forward as using a spray can (tuning the gun itself, setting the correct air pressure, etc). However, if you have no experience with a spray gun, I would suggest using a spray can. You will end up with much better results. You may want to look into getting a Can Gun ( ) for use with spray cans. I have noticed that I am able to get better results (maybe because I am used to using a spray gun) since I don't have to worry about my finger sometimes getting in the way of the spray. Also it is a lot more comfortable when spray painting larger areas.

    2) NEVER spray down on a surface if you can help it. If possible, always hang the surface you are painting. If you need to spray the top of a surface for some reason, always do so at a angle smaller than 45 degrees.

    3) I would probably sand the wood if I were you, as it will result in a better finish. However, that is not completely necessary. Whatever you do, make sure you use some sort of primer on the wood first. I have used Kilz Original Aerosol a few times with great results. However, when using that stuff, I would highly recommend you do this in a wide open area as Kilz has a really strong odor. I know they have KILZ Odorless but from what I have heard, that still has a strong odor, just not as bad.

    4) What I think you are describing are "runs" in the paint. That happens when you apply too much paint at one time. You may need to apply several coats of the paint to get the desired finish and each coat should be a single pass. Use the technique that od1 mentioned.

    If you need any more help with painting advice let me know.

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