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Thread: Shameless plug for reviews

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    Shameless plug for reviews

    Hey people. In an effort to boost my business a little in these very crappy economic times I've built a website to promote my services. I'd like you (when you have time) to visit and please offer me some feedback on here. One thing I know I need to add is pictures but I've not had time yet so please bear with me.

    Ive also linked as well as in the forums link to promote both sites as well as others. I hope this doesn't violate any policies and I am only trying to do justice to promoting the best sites.

    So please, if you have time, review my site and provide me with any positive or negative feedback on here.

    I'm relearning html as I go along so be patient please .


    PS. I've not forgotten my review of the NZXT Avatar mouse either, it's in the works.

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    Shameless plug for reviews

    I guess it would probably help if I provided a link duh lol.

    Visit Pro-Tect Computer Services!

    EDIT: I fixed your link.

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    Shameless plug for reviews

    Looks good sh4rkbyt3

    But if your wanting an honest opinion/ criticism I would change the colors. Not that there is anything wrong with the colors there just not business colors, Meaning you don't want your customers thinking your working out of a dungeon or basement. You also want as little eye stain as possible for the viewer and dark colors do not accomplish that.
    How many books or magazines do you have around the house? pick up a few, open them up and look at them, without knowing the type of material that you read I would guess that 80% of them have white backgrounds with black letters. Why? because there the easiest to read.

    Getting traffic to your site is only part of the battle, keeping them there to hear or read what you have to say is another part.

    If it helps search Google for "best colors for business website"

    Just my 2cents

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    Shameless plug for reviews

    Hm.... Yeah, technically though light on dark is easier to read on a backlit screen though black on white is only good on reflective surfaces. *shrug* I dunno what the current trend on business sites is.

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    Shameless plug for reviews

    Thanks PC for the critique, it is much appreciated.

    I took your advice and changed the color scheme to reflect what you said which is a valid point. Please take another look and let me know (anyone) your opinion please.

    Much thanks to the modgod who fixed the link posted here for me .

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