Project: T2's Spinner Case :lol:

That's right T2 is starting a worklog project........"Yes I said it" I am gonna Mod a case. :lol:
I have been wanted to do this project for a long time now. I few members have heard me talking about this Project.
Ever since I saw the WICKED fan grill mod by Bill A.K.A mnpctech_guy . It got me thinking about doing a Spinner Case Project.
I and so here we are today starting this fine project by T2.

The Genny Pig today will be a 13-Bay ATX Full Tower Server Case. (that I bought for $9.50) :lol:
List of hardware and goodies going into the Project: List
  • 1 Hiper Type-R 580W Modular Power Supply - Chrome
  • AMD64 3000+ CPU
  • MSi K8T Neo-V Socket 754 MoBo
  • ATI X700 Pro 256 AGP
  • RC Spinner Rim
  • L.E.D Flame scanner red/chrome
  • 2xL.E.D. License Fasteners
  • 2xRaidMax Rim 80mm Fan Grill
  • 12"/30,5cm Motorized Speaker Spinner
  • 2xSunbeam 80mm Red L.E.D. Anodized Fans3set Racing Toggle switch plate (chrome/Red)Coolermaster KHC-L91-U1 HYPER 48 CPU CoolerLIAN-LI TR-3B 3.5" BLACK DIGITAL LCD2x80mm Billet grills from www.mnpctech.comPatriot 1GB (2 x 512MB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM (On Order)Western Digital Raptor WD360GD 36.7GB HDLogisys RM01 DIY remote 12V controller1/8" Mirror Clear Acrylic (Vendor pending)1/8" or smaller Red UV acrylic (Vendor pending)[/SIZE][/FONT]Color for case is gonna be Candy Apple Red with Metal Flake (Local car paint shop)

More pictures to come later..............(Stay Tuned) :thumbsup: