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Thread: Nyko Frontman mod trouble

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    Nyko Frontman mod trouble

    Hey, so I'm modding my Nyko Frontman guitar to use a Rock Band guitar's buttons (even the solo buttons) It was very easy for me to put together, but now for some reason my Nyko won't turn on. I know i soldered the wires correctly, could something be shorting it? is having two sets of buttons confusing the the circuits? its baffled me because the hardware seems really simple and shouldn't really do much harm to anything, so why the crap won't it turn on so i can test to see if it works? what i mean by won't turn on is the sync button won't flash, so i can't even sync it up to my ps3. thanks in advance.


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    Nyko Frontman mod trouble

    So you are trying to switch the inside of a GH guitar to a Rock Band controller?

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