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Thread: clear and painted Logitech g5 help

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    clear and painted Logitech g5 help

    So im not new to modding general...i love to paint stuff

    I just got a new Logitech G5 v.2 for $20 at circuit city.

    I want to mod it or paint it. It's my main mouse but i'll get by with my mx revolution.

    I did a mock up in photoshop

    that's one idea.

    does anyone know of a paint (spray or not) that will replicate the texture of a g5 v.2 grip?

    another idea i had was to cut out the top shell of the mouse, make the face plate clear, and illuminate the inside....but my modding skills are limited and i have no idea how to go about doing this....

    another question: what's the best thing to use to protect your painted mouse from sweet and other stuff on your hand?

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    clear and painted Logitech g5 help

    Dunno about the texturee or making it clear, but the best way to make it stand up to sweat and stuff is to put 3-5 coats of automotive clear coat on top of anything that you paint. I think we have a pretty good spraypainting tutorial somewhere on the site...

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    clear and painted Logitech g5 help

    You could make the image in photoshop of what you want. A "skin" so to speak and then have a local sign shop print it out in vinyl and apply it directly to your mouse that way.

    Other than that there are painting techniques that the texture was taken from. However I am unfamiliar with these techniques but I have seen them on furniture and Walls in houses. Perhaps you could find out how to do those and then apply a clear coat over the top to make the finish more durable.

    Personally I would go with the first option.

    As Fusi said. A few coats of clear will help with durability.

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    clear and painted Logitech g5 help

    Ya what you're looking for a faux crackle. The kind I've used in the past was water based however.

    It requires a base coat - typically a contrasting or complimentary color - then you apply the crackle and as it dries, it shrinks on itself and cracks, the more you adds, the bigger the cracks and bigger the chunk, the thinner you add it the smaller the cracks and the finer the chunks. Usually cracking in the direction you brush.

    After that you have the clear coat it but I'm not sure how an automotive clear coat would react with a water based crackle so you should really test it first.

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