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Thread: Tazz's Review Rig

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    This is a quick, simple job. Going for something nice and clean .

    I recently acquired a Cosmos 1000 Case as payment for a previous mod.

    A few shots of the standard Cosmos 1000.

    This one just happened to be one of the CSX Fallen Angel versions (#13 of 400).

    Although I didn't snap to many in process shots, I did grab a few before starting on the build.

    I pulled it down to a bare chassis and made a few modifications. One of the main concerns I had with the Cosmos 1000 was the cooling potential. With only 1 intake and 2 exhaust fans, I felt this area needed addressed a little. To accommodate the needed space for extra cooling I removed the hard drive cage. I rarely run more than 1 or 2 drives in my systems (keep most stuff on the NAS), so giving up the hdd cage wasn't a big issue for me. I relocated the lower intake fan (slid it back and centered it) while adding another fan beside it as well as a lower front fan. It now has 2 x 120mm and 1 x 140mm intake fans with 3 x 120mm exhaust fans. Once that was complete, I gave the bare chassis an all white coat figuring it would look nice against the airbrushing.

    While the main chassis was curing, I decided that the silver handles/ feet just didn't suit me. I proceeded to sand them down and give them a polishing. This will allow me to not worry so much about scratching them when moving the case around. A lot easier to polish the aluminum back to a shine than it is to repaint them.

    I then started installing the hardware for the build.

    Everything installed minus the memory.

    smos/Thumbs/FallenAngel-0013.jpg" alt="" />

    While waiting on the memory to show up. I figured I would play off of the chrome Cosmos logo on the front top a little more by adding a couple of polished aluminum panels to the top. If you notice in the first few pics, the top recessed areas have a dull finish to them. This just didn't feel right to me.

    So out come the left over aluminum from Green Flame. With in a few hours I had the parts cut and started in on the polishing process.

    And of course I had to do some test fittings .

    Here we have the internal shots with everything installed.

    Intel Core i7 920 Proc
    EVGA X58 Mobo
    BFG GTX 295 Video Card / also shown is a BFG GTX 280
    Cooler Master UCP 900 Power Supply
    Patriot 6 GB PC3-12800 DDR3 Viper Series Memory
    1 Western Digital Caviar 500GB Hard Drive
    Windows Vista 64bit SP1 w/Current Updates

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    You polish that Sh@!. LOL, nice work there and nice case. Not my style but hey still nice.

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    Nice job bro!

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    Cool looking good Tazz

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    8O 8-)

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    Nice work Tazz ... compliments the artwork nicely

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    Thanks Guys .

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    dude wow......

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    Sweeet setup and Case

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    Tazz's Review Rig

    looks great Tazz, though I would be almost afraid to take the cover off to add hardware or mod it out of fear of doing something to accidently scratch that awesome paint job.

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